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The shoes will be your faithful companion in the rain and the sun. But in order to care about your shoes for different weather conditions, you need to provide them with extra protection. So you bought a pair of shoes. After walking with them, they feel like they are walking on clouds. You are completely in love. But this is only the beginning. Like any relationship, you must strive to make it last. You need to use the best quality shoe care products to enhance the shining and life of your shoes.

Protect Your Shoes

Repair and clean shoes worth keeping. If necessary, go to a local repair shop. The nooks and crannies of the rubber soles can be scrubbed with an old toothbrush and soapy water. Shoes can be refreshed and polished with a shoe polish, while other materials such as suede can be cleaned with a soft brush and neutral cleanser.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Of course, you want to show off your shoes in the summer. I get it, and you definitely should! But as long as you're not outdoors, it's best to keep your shoes out of direct sunlight. This will prevent the shoe from fading.

Give Extra Care on Rainy Days

Especially in Pakistan, rainy and snowy days are inevitable. But especially in these times, your shoes need special attention. When your shoes get wet, dry them gently by placing them in a dry place with some newspaper inside that can absorb water. Simply follow the instructions on our product care page.

Don't be Strange to Your Local Cobbler

One person who can really extend the life of your shoes is your local cobbler. Whenever your shoes wear out, he or she can help you by putting a new sole on your shoes. They also have the manpower and machinery to fix loose seams and more than enough options for shoelaces ready for replacement. And it's also great for your wallet. By spending a little more on the cobbler, you save yourself the cost of buying a whole new pair of shoes.

Store Your Shoes Correctly

First of all, don't forget to put some last in your shoes. Second, put the shoes in cotton or flannel storage bags. This protects the shoes from each other, preventing the heels and soles from scratching the top of the shoes. Then he ends up stuffing them in his shoebox. It's a best way to store shoes to increase your shoes life.

Steps to Clean Your Shoes

Clean your shoes

Before polishing your shoes, you must get rid of dirt, dust and previously applied products. A natural shoe polish is best for the job. This is also a good time to fill your shoes with a last paper or rolled paper.

Choose a Best Shoes Polish for Your Shoes

Choose a polish in a color that matches your shoes. Darker Shiner will change the color of your shoe. Lighter wax may leave marks. If you can't find a suitable shade, you can use colorless Shiner. Take a small amount of wax on the fabric. Apply the Shiner in small circles. Don't forget the edges and heels. Let the shoe dry.

Achieve the desired shine with a clean, dry cloth. The more time you spend on it, the brighter your shoes will be! To add even more effect, you can use a nylon stocking to polish. If you have more time, you can also use shoe balm and leather conditioner for a professional approach. It is also good to wait half an hour to an hour between each step. Having an instant shine sponge with glycerine or regular wet wipes will help keep shoes clean during a social gathering or while traveling.

Why Would You Apply Shiner?

Regular shoe polishing keeps the Shoes from getting wet, but it doesn't make it waterproof! Polishing will prevent the shoes from drying out and cracking if applied regularly. It also conditions leather, improves durability and will keep your shoes looking like new.

When Should I Polish My Shoes?

It's best to new shoes before you wear them for the first time, to give them a protective coating. If your shoes get wet, don't dry them near a heater, stuff them with newspapers and let them dry naturally to prevent the leather from hardening and cracking. Wet shoes that have not been protected sometimes have a white salt mark on the leather, the application of bitumen will mask this. However, it will reappear once the heat of the foot has warmed the shoes. Polishing the shoes will prevent this from happening. Polishing also covers scuff marks on “dyed leather”, which is used on our black leather school shoes.

What Products Should I Use?

Black leather shoes use bitumen which can be applied with a brush or liquid, which has a sponge applicator. Buff with a cloth after it has dried to achieve shine if needed. The colored shoes are applied with a lint-free cloth and applied to the shoes with circular movements to cover all parts of the shoe. Buff with a cloth to remove excess Shiner. Dyed leather is where in the tanning process the leather is completely dyed, making it more durable and hard-wearing.

You Must Know Simple Cleaning Tips.

The shoes are actually very easy to clean. You have needed a simple shoe shiner or cleaner to do the job, because you really can. For scuffs and mud stains, just use a clean cloth. Moisten it a little or enough to moisten it and clean the dirty area of ​​your shoes with it. Scratches on leather shoes can also be erased by coating them with shoe polish of the same color or shade as the shoes.

Basically, proper shoe care always depends on the owner. If you really love your shoes so much, you will take steps to preserve them and keep them looking good and presentable. It's always good to know how to take care of your belongings, especially those that are really special to you.


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