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 A bit of stress is good as it can prompt the students to begin studies as soon as possible and kind of works like motivation. But if the stress slips out of your hand it can quickly become troublesome. Stress is a prominent issue among hostel students. It is the highest during the examination and it negatively affects the mental and physical health of the students.  

Every student should learn to manage stress before so their lives can be spent in peace and not in distress. This blog discusses valuable tips to get rid of exam stress.  

What are some signs of exam stress? 

  • A sense of confusion 
  • Trouble in making decisions 
  • Constantly feeling low 
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Having a hard time falling asleep or waking up 
  • Headaches Muscle ache 
  • Feeling sick 
  • Teeth grinding or nail biting 

Why do students have to go through stress during exams? 

Exams are the most important thing in a college student's life while living in a PG. With exams comes stress. But do you ever wonder why this stress so often accompanies students? Here are a few reasons why.  

  • The fear of failure 
  • Feeling less prepared 
  • Wish to perform really well 
  • They have less time to study 
  • Being not confident enough 
  • Finding it tough to understand what they're studying 
  • The external pressure of performing well 
  • The feeling of competition 
  • Caught up between personal life issues and exams 
  • Being in poor health 


Take a break from social media 

Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or any other social media app we love to use them in our free time. They are a source of light-hearted entertainment. But at the same time, they can become huge distractions while studying. Students find it difficult to focus on their studies and social media apps only make it worse. So, if the exams are near and you are stressed about it, then taking a break from social media might be a good option. The frequent notifications from your phone will create an urge to check the phone again and again. If you cannot give up social media then at least turn off the notifications and limit their usage of it. Don't begin or end your day by phone. In applications like Youtube, you can set the sleep timings where the app will notify you to stop the usage. 

Sleep on time 

Sleep is a natural way of letting our body and mind relax. While preparing for exams it is vital that you have rested well and are not feeling drowsy or low on energy. As a student, it is common to get stressed when the exams are approaching and you are still not finished with the syllabus. A good night's sleep is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and feel refreshed. So, if you are living in a PG create a simple schedule that also includes at least 8 hours of sleep and 15-30 minutes of power naps in the daytime if possible. You may think about pulling all-nighters to finish your studies but it will worsen your health and energy levels. Sticking to the same routine of sleep will help you lower the levels of stress significantly.            


Being physically fit and active is a must for everyone but its significance increases if you are a college struggling with stress. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind in optimal shape. The health benefits of regular exercising are known by us all but there are cognitive benefits too. Scientifically, when we exercise our brain releases a hormone named endorphins, which is responsible for boosting mood and making people happy. For this reason, exercise is an excellent way of dealing with exam stress. Students living in a PG usually find it tough to include exercise in their daily life due to their busy schedules. But, squeezing in some time to hit the gym will be worth it  

Go for a walk 

Tired and stressed while studying? Stand up and leave your desk for some time and go for a walk outside. This will help you relax as you will breathe in some fresh air. It's best to go for a stroll ear to nature such as a garden or park but even walking on the sidewalk can help.  

Another thing you can do to beat stress is to dial a friend and talk for a while. Sharing stuff with each other will be relieving for you. Chatting is also an option if you don't wish to talk to them on phone. While taking a break from studies you can treat yourself by preparing a quick snack or a hot cup of coffee. Distance yourself from the books for a while, and stand on the balcony while sipping the tea before you decide to resume your studies.  

Time management 

Time is indeed money, so just like money, one should spend it wisely. In order to do that time management is essential. Students frequently experience stress when they believe they are running out of time to accomplish a task. The best method to avoid this is to create a schedule and strictly adhere to a timetable that highlights the many subjects that should be studied at a specific time. Hop onto your desk and finish the task that is supposed to be done. This way you will complete your studies along with efficiently managing stress and the syllabus for the upcoming exam. Saying no to unnecessary activities during the exam phase will help you have plenty of time to study, rest and exercise.  

Get enough rest 

Sleep is not the only thing you will need for your body to work efficiently. Adequate rest is equally important too. Continuously sitting on your study table without enough breaks is not good. Our mind requires rest in a timely manner to perform better, and so does our body. While studying try to take short breaks of 5 minutes every 30-40 minutes. In this break do something you enjoy such as listening to music or going for a walk. Top off the proper sleep schedule and exercise with a healthy diet. You must have heard that we're what we eat, it's true. Many people find it tough to fall asleep easily during the night if they have consumed a lot of caffeinated drinks throughout the day. Limiting these drinks will also help you deal with stress.  


Being a college student is not easy but eventually, you will learn to enjoy it and manage the stress on your own. Things further complicate if you are someone who is living in a PG away from your family in a stranger city. Many students work tirelessly towards their goals and study is part of it. However, the approaching exams can cause students to be stressed. These were some helpful and practical tips to manage stress as a student. 

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