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Google Ads is one of the most popular and widely used paid advertising platforms in a digital marketing strategy today. It is a proven method that has benefitted many businesses by way of;

  • Reaching more people faster.
  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Remarketing to previous visitors.
  • Track and monitor performance effectively and accurately.
  • Creating greater visibility for your brand and business.

With the help of a good Google Ads Agency in Melbourne or elsewhere, Google Ads can do a lot more for your business than this. It is the ideal platform to test your ad copy, test your offers, as well as improve your website’s SEO.

There is a lot of potential out there for businesses, especially for local business, because over time, people near me’ searches have increased drastically (with the advent of smart mobile devices), creating more opportunities for local businesses.

With the help of a Digital Marketing Agency that is specialized in Google Ads Management in Melbourne or elsewhere, what can a local business do in order to tap into the vast opportunities offered by Google Ads to create more leads, traffic and conversions? Here are a few tips:

  • Ad extensions – Ad extensions are extra pieces of information that are added to your advertisement giving more information about your business to users. Ad extensions can include such information as contact numbers, reviews, additional links to your website etc. Your ad extensions should be selected according to your specific goals for creating the ad, and your partner Google Ads Agency in Melbourne can help you with this. For example, if you want to direct more people to your physical store, you can have location extensions, call-out extensions etc.
  • Local service ads – This is a relatively new ad format on Google Ads, that is specially designed for local businesses that offer a specific service. These ads have excellent performance because they are very relevant to the search. An added advantage of local service ads is that they give the business more prominence on Google Maps and will be displayed on ‘near me’ searches.
  • Google product listings – Let your customers and other shoppers know what products you have in stock with Google product listings.
  • Customer reviews – Using your customer reviews on your website is a great way of increasing conversion rates, provided that they are placed well and are positive reviews. How do you know which reviews will have a positive reaction to your customers? You can test which reviews draw in clicks by testing them as ad copy. The best performing ones should be displayed on your website.
  • Testing keywords – Run ads with different keywords to see which one’s will convert well. The best performing keywords can then be used for your SEO purposes.
  • Use local terms for keywords – Using local terms for keywords and copy can be very appealing to shoppers and create a sense of pride in your local community. In addition, using local landmarks and locations can be beneficial to you as well.
  • Google’s My Business page – This feature is free for business users and makes it easy for people to find information about your business. This can include telephone numbers, address, product types, opening hours etc, as well as customer reviews.
  • Negative keywords – Negative keywords can drain your budget, and not really get you any leads. Having a list of negative keywords is a good way of avoiding unwanted traffic that is irrelevant to your business, and will not get you any sales.
  • Optimised landing pages – More often than not, an ad will lead a customer to a business website’s Home page and from there the user is expected to navigate the site on their own and find the products they are interested in. Most users end up getting fed up after a while and abandon their intent to purchase anything. The solution for this is to have dedicated landing pages for your ad campaigns, so that the user is directed to the products or information they are interested in.
  • Remarketing ads – Remarketing to those people who have already visited your website previously is a great way of increasing conversions because these are people who had or still have an interest to buy your products.

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