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A solar water heater is the best option if you're seeking household renewable energy sources that provide hot water using only natural energy. Finding a practical heating system might be challenging due to the abundance of solar water heater manufacturing machinery in India. These systems reduce fuel use and power costs and are economically beneficial. The number of people living in your home determines what kind of solar water heater you need.

 Solar water heaters are often priced in line with market rates that are competitive. Compare the offers prices made by various businesses. Finding out about the warranty duration, local code requirements, and the aforementioned considerations can aid in the selection of a suitable household solar water heater because they are long-term investments.

Since there are a lot of solar water heater manufacturers in the market right now, it sometimes becomes difficult for a normal buyer to select the one that is best for him. So, in this article, we will be discussing some important tips that will help you make a concrete decision on selecting the best water heater for your home.

  • Purpose of use

The biggest factor while deciding which solar water heater to use is to determine the purpose of using it. Solar water heaters come in a lot of variety and sizes and each variant solves a different purpose. So, if you know your requirement and purpose properly, it will help you to decide which exact variant you must purchase. For example, it would be totally baseless to purchase a bigger size solar water heater if you have only 2 members in the family. There are lot more factors which needs to be acknowledged as well

  • The  budget

Everybody has a budget and when it comes to India, people usually have a tight budget. As we have already discussed that solar water heaters come in a variety of sizes and variants, they obviously have different prices as well which varies depending upon the brand and the purpose of use. So, it is very important that you decide your budget through a market survey and search for water heaters that fit your budget because exceeding your budget might create problems for you later on.

  • Size of the water heater

The number of people and their daily hot water needs determine the size of a solar water heater. The size of the solar panel increases with the amount of hot water that is required. The amount of rooms in your home affects how much is enough. The ideal water level capacity for hotels or hospitals is 500 litres or more, whereas the best water level capacity for homes or small families is 100 litres or less. Size of the solar water heater becomes one of the most important aspects for deciding which one to buy. Now, you know the ideal size for your home, you can easily decide the budget and the one you want for your family.

  • How much subsidy will the government give

We go one step closer to saving our environment by employing renewable resources. As a thank you for lowering carbon footprints and maximising solar energy use, the government offers us incentives. Due to government subsidies, which lower our installation costs, the only sum you will be responsible for paying is the balance. This becomes the best way to save money and instead of exceeding your budget, you are surplus on the budget which makes you happy. By saving that extra money from your budget, you can go for a better quality and variant.



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