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Everyone today believes that current times are superior to earlier ones. Is this a fact, or what? Possibly or not. It will undoubtedly be accurate in terms of technology, but not in terms of how well humans do physically. There are undoubtedly several techniques and studies available today that can help athletes, but that isn't always the case. You only need to look at the bodybuilders from the 1990s if you find it hard to believe.


Bodybuilders in today's generation use steroids more than any previous, whereas those in the 1990s relied more on whey protein and other natural supplements. Some claim that the sport's current era showcases the absolute pinnacle of bodybuilding prowess. Then there are many who think that the sport reached its absolute peak in the 1990s.


In order to debate the current hot topic, we have created certain categories:



Weight: As we are all aware, younger bodybuilders tend to weigh more than older ones. Big Ramy, who weighed over 300 pounds, broke the record for the largest man on stage in 2016.


Condition: In competition, condition is crucial, and it is undeniable that bodybuilders from the 1990s had far better circumstances than those of today. The best instances of this are King Ronnie and Flex Wheeler.


Steroids: In terms of steroid use, modern bodybuilders outpace their predecessors. Bodybuilders in the 1990s relied less on steroids and more on nutrition and dietary supplements.


Health: As we are all aware, bodybuilding deaths are on the rise, and the main cause of this is that no one has patience these days. Instead of simply injecting their bodies with more and more steroids, they use Mass Gainer to gain weight. Thus, older people live longer than modern bodybuilders.




Everyone has a different viewpoint on this matter, but in my opinion, each of them has advantages and cons of their own. However, in my opinion, 90s bodybuilders are more tough and competitive. Compared to modern bodybuilders, they possess a more balanced physique and condition.





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