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As we all are familiar with the on-going circumstances in the whole world. We have already lost several lives against an amid pandemic. The primary outbreak has already led to the cancellation of numerous events. Now, it has postponed a popular international sports event, Olympic, that is planned to occur on July 24, 2020.

The news has been announced by one of the members of the International Olympic Committee, Dick Pound. He proclaimed the subsequent news yesterday, in which he said that the Olympics are not going to start from July 24. He added he could not say exactly about the postponed date, but it is more likely that the Olympics are going to be held in 2021. Pound also mentioned that every member of the IOC must announce the mutual consent of the International Olympic Committee about the forthcoming Olympics events of Japan.

Apart from the USA, the IOC member from the rest of the world stated that the official declaration about postponed of the event would be proclaimed in the few next weeks. Some of them also added that the Committee is trying to analyse the on-going circumstances and will announce the postponed date of forthcoming Olympic within four weeks.

 Although it is not going to be the first time when Olympic has been postponed or canceled. In World War I and World War II, the Olympics have been delayed to distinctive years and later got canceled. The news has also been confirmed by Reuters that said President of Japan Olympic Committee, Mr. Yasuhiro Yamashita, who announced that they are going to postpone the significant event after getting orders from Shinzo Abe, aka Prime Minister of Japan.

Even though, if the Olympic is going to happen, several teams from all major parts of the world have already intended that they are not going to take part in the Olympics due to on-going amid the outbreak. The Paralympic Committee has also supported the decision. About this context, the Chairperson and CEO of USOPC also stated that yet there had been no resolvent developed to cure the pandemic spreading globally. They have added, if the situation gets a resolve within 4 to 6 weeks, still we have to postpone Olympic as the exercising, training, control over doping, and selection criteria of the players have been stopped. So, the most promising way for all of us is to en route to postponement in her statement Sarah Hirshland added.

Along with various nations’ Olympic Committee, Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committee stated that all of their teams are not going to compete in the forthcoming Tokyo Olympic. They added that the IOC requires postponing the event for at least one year. Additionally, Australian also proclaimed about not taking part in the subsequent game.

In the history of Olympic, it would be the third time that the popular event gets canceled. In 1916 the first time it got canceled because of World War I. The second time, World war II canceled two Olympic games of 1940 and 44. Let’s just wait and check whether the Olympic events of Tokyo will be postponed or canceled.

Source :- https://globalwebroot.com/blog/tokyo-2020-olympics-postponed-to-2021-due-to-health-outbreak/

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