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Tom Hanks said that theatres would survive the pandemic- but they will be dominated by only the blockbuster movies and big film franchise.

The actor recently appeared on the Western drama movie, News of the World, directed and written by Paul Greengrass. It is based on Paulette Jiles’ 2016 novel of the same name. The film was released on 25 December 2020 on Netflix. It received a positive response from the critics.

While promoting his movie during a video interview with Collider last Saturday, the award-winning actor shared his views on the world’s current situation, especially the film industry and the theaters. The interviewer said that the industry was going through some significant shifts and asked about his thoughts on whether movie theaters survive the pandemic? And if so, are they just going to be event pictures? To which Hanks said, “Absolutely they will.” He added that in some ways, once the exhibitors are open and up again, they will be free to choose which movie they want to play. And hence the big movie project will rule the cinemas.

According to the actor, his recent film, News of the World, is one of the last adult films driven to the theaters by its exciting characters and content. He speculated that soon audiences would only visit the theaters to watch big-budget films like the Marvel Universe franchise and some other great movies as the small screen might diminish the visuals’ real feel.

Hanks said fans used to also come to the theaters to see the non-franchise films. However, due to this pandemic, the audience prefers to watch the content at home. And the contents really look amazing on the small screens, too, so the audience does not have to compromise with the cinematic experience at home. The actor also shared his experience of watching the two-night broadcast of “Bridge on the River Kwai” as a kid on a black and white TV with commercials. He was still convinced that it was the best motion picture he had seen in his childhood. Then he talked about HBO’s historical drama miniseries, Chernobyl, and appreciated that it has one of the most incredible motion pictures he has ever seen so far.

“There is this reality of viability of exhibiting the films that have been based on the desire of people to see a movie,” said Hanks. The Oscar winner concluded the question by saying that “we are into the big curve of change that he thinks has been due ever since people first have the ability to PVOD pain pay for the video on demand, ever since the VHS tapes were introduced. And this has been just across the horizon.”

Source  :- https://webrosafe.citywikia.com/tom-hanks-thinks-theaters-will-survive-the-pandemic/


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