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Tomb Piracy Notes _ Nanpai Sanshu

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Shunzi narrowed her eyes and said, “There is only one possibility to go like this.”. That is, they want to go around to other mountains from the mountain pass in front of them, then bypass the border line, and then turn to Sansheng Mountain in North Korea. Although the risk is also great, it is much better than attacking the border line. Their team is bigger than ours, and if they have enough food, or if the North Korean side gets through the joint, they do have the strength to make a long journey. “What then?”? Do you want to keep up with them? Ye Cheng turned his head and asked Chen Pi a Si. Chen Pi a Si shook his head and did not speak. Suddenly he pointed to a snowy hill on the other side of Sansheng Mountain and asked Shunzi, “What mountain is that?” Shunzi picked up his binoculars and looked at them. “That's the Little Holy Snow Mountain,” he said. “That mountain is in our country. The Three Holy Mountains and the Little Holy Mountain, plus the Great Holy Mountain on the other side, are commonly known as the Five Saints.” Tangerine Peel Ah Si asked again, “From here, can you go up to this little holy mountain?” As soon as the voice fell, everyone was stupefied. They didn't know what the old man wanted to do. Shunzi was also a little strange. He said, “The problem is no. We arrived in one day, and it's far away from the sentry post. The scenery is good,precision welded tubes, but the road is not easy to walk.” Chen Pi a Si patted the snow on his trousers, stood up and said to Shunzi, “OK, just take us there.” They couldn't make head or tail of it. Monk Hua immediately reminded them, “What's wrong?”? Grandpa, it's a waste of time to go there. We don't have food to last so long. Tangerine Peel Ah Si waved his hand and pointed to the continuous mountain range on one side. He said,Precision Welded pipes, “The mountain here is covered with snow all the year round and looks around on three sides. It is a rare three-headed old dragon. The geomantic omen says that this is the so-called'group dragon sitting ‘. These three mountains are all dragon heads, which are very suitable for group burial.”. If the Heavenly Palace is on the cliff of Sansheng Mountain in the middle, the two small dragon heads on the other side should be buried with the empress or Jincheng. The pattern of the three-headed dragon is very strange, and the three heads must be connected. Otherwise, if each of the three dragons flies to the sky, the dragons will have no direction and will be in a mess, and the descendants buried here will kill their brothers. Therefore, if there is a burial mausoleum, there must be a secret passage under the mausoleum that is connected with the main mausoleum of the Heavenly Palace in the middle. There are many ancient tombs of three-headed dragons in history. For example, the burial of the three sons of the Warring States Period in Mangshan Mountain excavated in 1987 was that three related tombs were divided into three hills in the same mountain range. The two tombs on both sides had a corridor with a diameter of about half a meter leading to the main tomb in the middle. Unfortunately, at the time of excavation, these corridors had collapsed. The archaeological team did not know whether these corridors were really connected. Or is it just a symbolic decoration. We followed his hand and saw three snow-capped mountains lying at the end of the world, no different from the surrounding snow-capped mountains. We didn't know where the judgment of Chen Pi a Si came from. Tangerine Peel Ah Si finished, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,beam impact tubes, took a look at the stuffy oil bottle and asked him, “Brother, am I right?” For the first time, the stuffy oil bottle reacted to another person's question. He looked back at Chen Pi Ah Si, but without saying anything, he turned back and continued to look at the snow mountain in the distance. We do not understand the big head Feng Shui, listen to the clouds in the fog, the heart feels a little mysterious, but since the old man said so, the stuffy oil bottle seems to agree, then this is best not to doubt. When we went down to the place where a Ning had stayed, we saw the abandoned luggage scattered in the snow, many of which had been turned over, and there was no food left inside. Obviously, all the equipment has been re-screened, and some useless or repetitive things have been discarded. The fat man even found a few guns, but the bullets inside were all returned and taken away, leaving only the empty gun body. The fat man took the gun and wanted to take it with him. He was stopped by Shunzi. He said that you had a gun on your back. If you met the border guards here, you would not be able to talk. If you didn't have a gun, he could help us get through it. It was a pity for the fat man. After passing the flat slope where Aning had stayed at the foot of the mountain, we saw the footprints of Aning's horse team extending to the depths of the valley. We also cleaned up a bit here. Junko took us in the other direction to the small holy pass. Soon, we walked into a white world, and what we saw in our eyes was the snow in the sky and the rare bare rocks and ice picks. Changbai Mountain may be the only snow mountain in the world that can be walked up. Compared with the glaciers in the Kunlun Mountains, the environment here is much better. There is no huge ice sheet with fissures, so there is no need to worry about sudden fracture at the foot. But the glaciers in Changbai Mountain are also typical ancient glaciers. The continuity of the mountains is not good, such as glacial erosion landforms, mortar holes, giant cirques and bottomless ice wells. Anyway, I didn't learn the snow mountain landform well, and I couldn't say what the reason was. I only knew that there was no road ahead when I often walked. I had to go around the cliff or lie down, and it was very dangerous to walk. There was nothing to say all the way. It seemed that we could get there in a straight line in a few hours, but it took us nearly a day to get there. When we arrived at the valley under the Little Holy Snow Mountain, it was already the evening of that day. We camped in a snow cave on a snowy slope about five or six hundred meters above the valley and ate something hot. The starry sky at high altitude is extremely bright and clear. Chen Pi a Si uses the compass and the astronomical compass in his heart to arrange the stars in the sky and roughly determine the route for the next day. The people who walked all the way were tired, but it was still early. The fat man pestered Shunzi and asked if there were any hot springs around. Shunzi was also thinking about the hot springs, but he said that the altitude here was already too high, and he didn't often come here, so it was a little difficult to find the hot springs. If he felt bored, he could walk around and look for them. By the way, he could also go to see the place where the ancient ancestors were buried in ice, more than a kilometer away from where we camped. People always have a special feeling for corpses. Anyway,cold drawn tubes, they are idle. When we hear that there are dead people, we are all curious. Chen Pi a Si's physical strength was not good enough. Monk Hua took care of him. The others followed Shunzi to the valley on the left side of the camp. After walking for less than half an hour, they came to a cliff. Below was the ice valley. It was dark and nothing could be seen. Shunzi found a good place to stop and threw a cold firework down. cbiesautomotive.com



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