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India has seen a quiet but significant change on its streets with the rising popularity of battery-operated rickshaws, also known as electric three-wheeler auto-rickshaws. More and more drivers and passengers are opting for these environmentally friendly vehicles, and it's important to recognise the business benefits they bring. 


These EV auto-rickshaws are really good for businesses! They help save money, they're reliable, and they make companies look good by being eco-friendly. In this discussion, we'll take a closer look at how electric auto-rickshaws help businesses in lots of different ways, making life easier for everyone.

Let's explore some key features of electric auto-rickshaws:-

  • Electric Powertrain

E-rickshaws' electric powertrains offer businesses numerous benefits. They reduce fuel costs since they don't rely on fossil fuels, saving money in the long run. With lower maintenance requirements due to simpler mechanics, businesses spend less on the maintenance of these electric 3W rickshaws. Plus, their eco-friendly operation attracts environmentally conscious customers, boosting their reputation and attracting more clientele. The quiet electric motors provide a comfortable and peaceful ride, enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, as governments incentivise electric vehicles, businesses may qualify for subsidies or tax breaks, further reducing operational expenses. Overall, adopting e-rickshaws with electric powertrains can bolster profitability.

Battery System

Electric auto-rickshaws utilise rechargeable batteries to store electric energy for propulsion. These batteries are available in diverse capacities and offer flexibility for varying operational needs. The convenience of charging them via standard electrical outlets enhances accessibility for drivers, facilitating seamless integration into daily routines. This accessibility underscores the practicality of EV auto-rickshaws as an eco-friendly mode of transportation, as drivers can easily replenish their energy reserves. The versatility of rechargeable batteries allows electric auto-rickshaws to adapt to various operational needs, increasing their efficiency and usability for businesses.

  • Regenerative Braking

A significant number of e-rickshaws incorporate regenerative braking systems, a cutting-edge feature that revolutionises energy management. By harnessing kinetic energy during braking, these systems efficiently convert it into electrical energy, effectively recharging the batteries. This innovative approace enhances energy efficiency and also extends the vehicle's range on a single charge, optimising operational sustainability. With enhanced performance and reduced environmental impact, e-rickshaws equipped with regenerative braking systems emerge as a compelling solution for businesses as they are driving progress towards a greener future.

  • Spacious Cabin

E-rickshaws are renowned for their spacious cabins, thoughtfully designed to comfortably accommodate passengers and goods. With a focus on comfort and convenience, these vehicles boast generous legroom and headspace, ensuring a pleasant riding experience for passengers. 


The interior layout is crafted to maximise comfort, with cushioned seating arrangements that promote relaxation during the journey. Also, they have a rear luggage cabin with a tailgate for keeping the luggage. Whether commuting through bustling city streets or leisurely exploring urban landscapes, passengers can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable ride in an e-rickshaw cabin. This commitment to passenger comfort underscores the versatility and appeal of e-rickshaws as a sustainable and passenger-friendly mode of transportation.

  • Safety Features

EV auto-rickshaws set a standard for safety with their array of essential features. Equipped with seat belts, headlights, turn signals, and rearview mirrors, these vehicles prioritise the well-being of both drivers and passengers. The inclusion of such safety mechanisms aims to prevent accidents and enhance road safety, instilling confidence in commuters and ensuring a secure journey for all occupants. By integrating these features into their design, e-rickshaw manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to upholding safety standards and promoting responsible urban mobility practices. Thus, passengers and drivers alike can embark on their travels with peace of mind, knowing that their safety is paramount in every e-rickshaw journey.

  • Durability

Crafted for endurance in bustling urban settings, e-rickshaws boast robust construction and durable components that ensure reliability and longevity. They are manufacturedd to withstand the rigours of daily use, these vehicles excel in navigating diverse terrain and weather conditions with ease. From sturdy frames to resilient drivetrains, every aspect of their design is meticulously crafted to withstand the demands of urban transportation. This durability not only enhances operational efficiency but also minimises downtime and maintenance costs, making e-rickshaws a practical and cost-effective solution for urban mobility needs. With their steadfast resilience, e-rickshaws exemplify reliability and longevity, providing dependable transportation for passengers and drivers alike in dynamic urban environments.

  • Low Maintenance
    In contrast to traditional auto-rickshaws powered by internal combustion engines, e-rickshaws offer a distinct advantage in terms of maintenance. Their simpler mechanical systems and fewer moving parts translate to significantly reduced maintenance requirements.Only fewer components are prone to wear and tear, e-rickshaws experience lower maintenance costs and less frequent downtime for drivers and operators. This streamlined maintenance regimen not only minimises operational expenses but also enhances overall efficiency, allowing drivers to focus on their livelihoods without interruptions. By prioritising reliability and ease of upkeep, e-rickshaws emerge as a practical and cost-effective choice for businesses.

  • Affordability

Auto rickshaw EVs present a compelling proposition for drivers and entrepreneurs seeking cost-effective transportation solutions. Their affordability extends beyond purchase prices to encompass lower operating costs—the efficiency of electric powertrains and reduced maintenance requirements. Moreover, potential government subsidies and incentives for electric vehicles further sweeten the deal, making e-rickshaws even more financially appealing. This combination of lower upfront investment, reduced operational expenses, and potential financial support from authorities positions e-rickshaws as an intelligent investment for those in the businesses. As such, they not only offer a sustainable alternative to traditional auto-rickshaws but also present an opportunity for drivers and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the burgeoning electric vehicle market.

  • Customisation Options

Manufacturers recognise the diverse needs of e-rickshaw drivers and offer a plethora of customisation options to tailor vehicles to individual preferences and specific requirements. From varying seating configurations to adaptable body styles and an array of accessories, drivers have the freedom to personalise their e-rickshaws according to their unique transportation needs. Whether prioritising passenger comfort, cargo capacity, or aesthetic appeal, the availability of customisation options ensures that each e-rickshaw meets the exact specifications of its owner. This customisation flexibility not only enhances driver satisfaction but also underscores the adaptability and versatility of electric auto-rickshaws for businesses.


Redefining Last-Mile Mobility with Montra Electric’s Super Auto


The Super Auto, a flagship model under the Montra Electric brand, stands out for its innovative features and modern design. Here's a breakdown of its key attributes:-

  • Reliability

    • The Super Auto ensures uninterrupted journeys with its potent electric powertrain and impressive range of over 160 km on a single full charge.
  • Power

    • Its robust 10 kW motor delivers industry-leading power, enabling a top speed of 55 mph for efficient urban mobility.
  • Safety

    • Equipped with a 7-point battery sensor system, the Super Auto ensures extra care and monitoring of the battery's health, enhancing safety and longevity.

  • Durability

    • Its extra-safe boron steel chassis and durable metal body provide protection and longevity, ensuring resilience in challenging urban environments.
  • Weather Protection

    • The Super Auto is designed with IP67 protection against rain and dust, ensuring reliability and performance in various weather conditions.
  • Visibility

    • LED headlights and tail lights improve visibility, enhancing safety for both drivers and pedestrians during day and night driving.
  • Charging Convenience

  • Montra Charging Points facilitate quick charging while on the go, allowing drivers to maximise their earning potential by making more trips throughout the day.


The rise of electric three-wheeler auto-rickshaws, also known as electric auto-rickshaws, marks a significant shift in urban transportation, particularly in India. They are eco-friendly vehicles and offers multitude of benefits for various businesses, thus making them an attractive investment in the transportation sector. From cost savings due to reduced fuel and maintenance expenses to enhanced safety features and passenger comfort, e-rickshaws exemplify efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. As businesses increasingly recognise the value of adopting sustainable practices, e-rickshaws emerge as a practical and forward-thinking solution, driving positive change on the streets and in the minds of consumers.

The Super Auto, representing ambition and efficiency, represents Montra Electric's commitment to transforming the automotive sector. By offering innovative solutions for last-mile mobility, it spearheads progress towards a greener, more sustainable future. Through cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly design, Montra Electric aims to redefine urban transportation for a better tomorrow.


Upgrade to Super Auto today!


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