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Just like every month, we come with a list of top 10 best iOS games you must try. Our listicle includes both new and old games including unrated and forgotten games for a nostalgic touch. You can enjoy these carefully curated top 10 iOS games so that you don’t have to waste your time searching through millions of games on App Store. So, what are you still waiting for? Dive into this curated list of Top 10 Best iOS Games in August 2020 and choose your favourite.

1. Hill Climb Racing

You must have heard about this game for sure. It has stunning and soothing graphics and it is super addictive to play once you start playing it. Your character Newton Bill is an aspiring uphill racer who is set out on a quest to complete the challenging levels consisting of different terrains all with increasing difficulty. The game does follow the laws of physics a bit. Your task is to drive the vehicle from start to end of all the levels to score the highest. You need to escape any obstacles that could kill your racer so beware.

2. Zombie Frontier 3

A deadly vaccine has mutated a virus that transforms humans into the walking dead zombies. Your mission is to escape the clutches of these zombies in a realistic survival FPS mode killing and destroying zombies on the way. You have a full arsenal of weapons and ammunition from shotgun to AK47 and more to combat the zombie apocalypse. Live free-free and use your strategy to escape the site without getting busted or letting zombies dominate you. You can upgrade your weapons and gears as you go forwards to the challenging situations in the game. There are over 60 missions to play, 2 DLC maps, 5 challenging bosses to beat, and more.

3. Stop

Test your word making skills with Stop, a turn-based word game that will keep your senses tingling. Pair with your friend via nicknames or Facebook or find someone to play with. Choose a letter to start with and form words under 5 different categories including Countries, Addictive Things, etc in a turn-based manner. The one who scores the most points wins the game. Unlock achievements as you go and earn XP and more with Stop. Plus, you can play in multiple languages which include French, Portuguese, German, Italian and others

4. Cross Fingers

If you love puzzle games, you’ll love Cross Fingers too. It lets you slide and drag solid pieces of wood in a giant tangram puzzle. You need to place the solid pieces where they should be to complete a level. You can select the difficulty level all you want as there are 840 levels each more intricate than the previous one. It’s a game that exercises your brain and imagination to put the blocks in their correct position to proceed. Choose Arcade Mode if you love challenges as it is the survival mode where you need to solve the tangram puzzle and beat the top score as you go.

5. Atomas

If you know or want to learn about atoms, try Atomas. The fun to play puzzle game lets you form elements using plus and minus atoms right from Hydrogen to Helium to Lithium and so on. Your task is to create Gold, Silver, and other valuable elements without setting something disastrous that will destroy the universe and your game will end there. The game has 124 different atoms to create elements with 4 different game modes and more. You’ll need a strategy to form valuable elements and score higher.

6. _Prism

Don’t misinterpret it as Prisma, the photo editor app. _Prism is a graphically stunning game that gives you a view of the microcosmic galaxy. Tap on the shapes to unfold their sacred d geometry. With each level, you learn something new in the context of cinematic design and touch exploration. It has 13 enchanting levels to cherish although it isn’t a long-duration game. You can zoom in and out, pinch and rotate the objects to view them with your perspective. It has an original soulful and zen-like soundtrack that adds to its USP.

7. Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Uprising

Tap! Tap! Tap! The Tap Titans 2 – Heroes Uprising is an RPG game that lets users assemble a team of heroes in a quest to beat the mighty Titan Lords. It has over 70,000 levels to complete with more than 150+ Titans, 14 gorgeous realms that are majestic thanks to the hand-drawn impressions. Recruit heroes to find the bad guys and unlock the skills and power as and when you move forward to fight monsters on the way. You can customize your armour and sword to fit your play style. Join others in a multiplayer mode by creating or joining clans.

8. Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne doesn’t need an introduction. It is a heavily story-driven game with the protagonist Max declared as a fugitive for murder, an undercover cop is set out on a difficult journey escaping the sight of both cops and the mob. It has a signature slow-motion gunplay as on its PC game along with HD quality graphics and multiple aiming modes. No doubt it is one of the most acclaimed action-shooter games.

9 Data Wings

Enjoy playing on a neon-coloured backdrop with Data Wings. Another story-driven game, Data Wings adheres to mother’s orders and is crucial for any computer. However, when the mother is under attack, it makes irrational decisions and that’s something that needs to stop. You are the one who can help. The game has 40 levels to play with more than 2 hours of story with a competitive crown system where you are required to score higher than orders to stay on top. It has an intuitive two-touch control for better gameplay.


A vivid game of sorts, helps Captain Viridian flip to find the lost five crew members and 20 hard-to-reach Trinkets in an attempt to save this dimension from destruction. The game has an 8-bit layout for those who would love a classic game to play and follows challenges that are old-school. The game has hours of levels and storyboards to conquer unlocking the skills needed to prosper to the next levels.

That’s all. This is our top 10 best (new and old) iOS apps you must try in August 2020. These include different genres of games from puzzle to arcade toy story-driven and more. You can also check out last month’s list of iOS games you must try here.

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