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Blu-ray is capable of storing movies with high definition and 1080p resolution. In many cases this adjustment is called ‘High Definition or High Definition' and in Blu-ray, you can store enough data for 5-6 hours of high-definition film content. For some Blu-ray movies on hdmoviesflix capacity, it can exceed 50 GB which means it can contain approximately 24 hours of standard definition content. And the best part of it is that it provides clear, vivid images. Here are my top 10 Blu-Ray Movie options:

1. Blade Runner

This is a 1982 movie that is action-packed with action and excitement that you can enjoy at home. 117 minutes is a noir rhythm with star Harrison Ford playing the role of a mysterious 21st-century detective named Rick. Watch this movie to find a charm that no one else but Harrison Ford can be created.

2. Gone with the Wind

The 1939 film was filmed in Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel and is still considered one of the best movies ever made. Or, a 238-minute movie has an amazing sequence to keep you attached to it.

3. The Third Man

A 1949 film in which the novelist Holly Martins travels to Vienna with a post-war dignity to find himself in a state of shock and inquiring into the death of a friend. This is a fictional movie game for movie lovers.

4. Police

The 2008 159-minute film is a fun movie to watch with friends at home. This newly made film with an action story full of action will surely give you an interesting experience to watch.

5. Sin City

Another raw but beautiful Blu-ray Movie rated as the best bloodshed movie and black film ever made. This 147-minute film full of jazz music, blood, charming girlfriends, hateful criminals, and great planning is something you can look forward to on the weekend.

6. The Wizard of OZ

A 109-minute 1939 film in which Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto, were swept away by a hurricane from their home in Kansas to the amazing land of Oz. They go out to look for a witch doctor who can help them return home.

7. Group of Brothers

A series covering a total of 705 minutes and based on the best-selling sales of Stephen Ambrose. You will need to see it in parts.

8. Dexter

The Complete First Season is a 2006 film released by Paramount Pictures crime drama on movieskiduniya in which Dexter Morgan is a double-life man as the intriguing intelligence officer of the Miami Police Department.

9. Dirty Harry

The Warner Bros. released 1971 is a beautiful police detective film to be shown at home over the weekend.

10. by Michael Jackson This

Released in 2009, 111 minutes rare in the last days of Michael Jackson. The documentary is a good keeper for any Michael Jackson fan.



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