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The car we use on a daily basis is way more than just a medium of commute. We all feel attached to our vehicle as it takes us anywhere we want. It has seen us through some of our toughest times and acts as our comfort place whenever we need it. The best thing to preserve our beloved cars is to choose a reliable Car insurance company.

Top 10 Ingenius Car Washing Hacks

The importance of a good car insurance policy is similar to that of an umbrella in harsh weather, sunscreen in broad sunlight, bandage on an open wound, etc. All these things are small in nature, but their impact is notable over time. However, besides Car Insurance, there are other things you need to ensure, as well as being a car owner, including the maintenance of your car. This includes a Car wash, too – making sure your ride stays neat and clean.

In this blog, we will walk you through ten such hacks that will make washing your car a lot easier than before:

1. Make Stubborn Stains Vanish With Steel Wool

Have you ever heard of steel wool? Yes, you heard it right! This magical material does wonders when it comes to car cleaning for both metal and glass surfaces. It is one of the best agents to remove any water spot or a mulish stain that just won’t go away. However, make sure that you have properly wet the surface you are going to use it on and the steel wool itself so that you don’t cause any scratches on your car. Other situations where you can use steel wool is to remove rust, oxidation, and other metal surface-related defects.

2. Dust-Bust Your Car With Coffee Filters

Maintaining the interior of your car is a top priority because it reflects on you as a person, and what better way than going for something affordable and environment-friendly? Coffee filters have a remarkable talent for readily adhering to dust particles that are dispersed around your dashboard and tucked into the curves of your center console, making them a champion in the course of car washing. The reason for this hack being such a hit is how convenient it is. Once you are done with your task of getting rid of all the dust, just dispose of the filters, which is way more convenient than having to deal with clothes.

3. Olive Oil for Leather Seats

With the frequent use of olive oils, you would no longer have to worry about the condition of your leather car seats. Use a microfiber cloth, drop some olive oil on it, and then rub it onto your car seat very softly. This is primarily done to ensure the leather does not lose its texture and vibrancy.

4. Bring Your Headlights Back to Life With Toothpaste

Isn’t it fascinating that your toothpaste does so much more than preserve that dashing smile of yours? If you have cloudy and untidy headlights that just don’t seem to look any better, no matter how many times you rinse them with detergent or soap, you should try out a whitening toothpaste. Many factors, such as continuous exposure to the sun, contribute to your headlights becoming dull over time.

Just get a hold of a sponge, apply a thick toothpaste layer on your headlight, and then start with the rubbing and scrubbing. Do it in a circular motion for optimum results.

5. Tidy Your Cup Holders With Socks

Cleaning the insides of your cup holders can be daunting as it gets difficult to reach certain spots. Forage through your closet, find a perfect of worn-out socks, and stick it in the cup holder.  Before that, put some cleaner on the socks,  insert the socks in the cup, and twist your hand to give it a complete clean.

6. Remove Corrosion from Your Batteries With Soda:

Lift the hood of your car and detach the battery wires with the help of a wrench or vice grips to begin cleaning the corrosion on your vehicle's battery. Always ensure to unplug the negative cord prior to the positive one.

Grab a soda can, and then delicately pour the soda over the battery components exhibiting corrosion. Corrosion can be eliminated with the use of the soda's acid. After that, clean off any remaining debris around the bolts using a wire brush.

7. Lint Roller to Get Rid of Pet Hair

If you have a dear pet you love and take everywhere with you, you must invest in a lint roller. If you have a dog or a cat, it's easier for their hair to get stuck to the seats and other places inside the car. A lint roller could easily remove them and other things as well.

8. Steam Cleaner For the Win

As we already emphasized the importance of keeping the insides of your car clean, here is another hack that really aids in doing that. Steam cleaner does wonders in washing the interior of your car. It lets out high-pressure steam that completely vanishes all the grime and dust from your carpets to your seats. And it doesn’t need any chemicals to function, so you can rest assured that it’s environmentally friendly.

9. Rain X = Spotless Windows

Are you familiar with the name Rain-X? It yields perfect results for the windows and windshield of your car. You won't need to wipe off your windows in the pouring rain since it helps the water slide off when applied. This little hack keeps your windows sparkling and improves driving safety.

10. Shield Your Car With a Cover

Last but not least, always use a car cover. It acts like your car’s personal comforter and shields it from rain, dust, guano, and other environmental hazards. Investing in a car cover takes little time and money, but it keeps your car looking fresh and new for a longer time.

In Conclusion:

These are just a few tips and tricks to preserve the quality and appearance of your car; as an owner, you may come across other methods to do so that you could employ. Whether you are searching for a car insurance quote, sustaining your car insurance policy, or just want to score an affordable car insurance premium, keeping your car clean is the first step to responsible ownership – prioritize it.


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