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Top 10 Cases of Domestic Violence Police Officers Committed in United States

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People all over the country are paying more attention to the problem of domestic violence police officers do. It seems like every week, there are new claims that the police did something wrong. Protesters and people who want justice all over the country want the police to change and be held accountable.
Witness tampering, police brutality, or unfair prosecution are all examples of police misconduct. False arrests, assaults, tampering with evidence, theft, forced confessions, and many other things are also examples of police misconduct.
If the police did something wrong, you should talk to a criminal defense lawyer right away. An attorney will look at your case to see if the police did anything wrong and if that wrongdoing led to your criminal charges. The lawyer tells you your legal rights and what you can do to pursue misconduct claims and defend yourself.

Ten Examples of Police Brutality in the United States

There are a lot of sad examples of police misbehavior. But many of these cases never get public attention. Here are ten police actions that made the news because they were wrong.

The Cause of Eric Garner's Death

Officers from the New York Police Department tried to arrest Mr. Garner for selling cigarettes that were not legal. Before one of the officers put an illegal chokehold on Mr. Garner, they tackled him to the ground.
Mr. Garner was heard saying over and over that he couldn't breathe. Even though he begged, the officer did not let go of the chokehold. Mr. Garner died because of this.
Because of what he did, the officer lost his job.

The case of John Spencer

The New York State Police looked into a murder case in which Mr. Spencer was a suspect. The officer in charge didn't think the state had enough proof to bring charges against Mr. Spencer.

The officer in charge and another officer took Spencer's fingerprints from things he touched while he was being booked. They added fingerprints found at the crime scene to the evidence cards. The officer in charge went to prison after being charged with making up evidence.

Attacks on and rapes of women by New York City police officers

Two New York police officers charged a young woman with having marijuana on her. After putting her in their police van, they raped her and made her do oral sex on them. They threatened to charge her with a crime if she didn't do these things.

The officers were charged with many crimes, including sexual assault, coercion, rape, and kidnapping.

Tom Laresca

Tom Laresca was walking when he saw a thief with a gun moving up and down Boca Rova Street. Things get pretty bad when a neighbor sees him in the dark but doesn't recognize him. The neighbor called 911 because he thought he was the armed intruder in the house. When they finally caught him, it was after five police officers had chased him down the street. After they caught him, they sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. All of these things contribute to police violence in the US. “I AM DYING, I CANNOT BREATHE,” a movie about his life, will come out in 2022. Big Actors like Shane Yuhas and Braxton Noble played their part in this movie as Tom Laresca and Lenny Laresca.


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