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Top 10 Factors for Opting Veeam to Safeguard Your AWS Data

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Moving critical workloads and data to the cloud is a strategic move for many organizations, but concerns about data loss loom large. This apprehension is entirely valid. Even AWS, a frontrunner in the cloud arena, emphasizes the shared responsibility model, emphasizing that while they provide a secure infrastructure, safeguarding your applications and data is ultimately your responsibility. A solution that stands out in addressing this concern while also optimizing costs comes through an AWS Partner Network service: Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Veeam offers a fully automated, native solution that extends comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services. It ensures the security of your data on Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS, and Amazon VPC, while concurrently delivering cost savings. Here are ten compelling reasons why Veeam is the right choice for your AWS backup and recovery needs:

  1. Cloud-Native Expertise: Veeam's AWS backup and recovery solution is intricately designed for AWS environments, adhering to AWS security best practices. Whether it's Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS, or Amazon VPC, your data's protection is guaranteed on AWS. Restoring EC2 or RDS instances can be tailored to multiple security groups, original IPs, or even new locations without public IPs.

  2. Seamless Automation: Bid farewell to manual processes and agents. Veeam's policy-based automation is fully customizable, automating snapshots and efficiently managing data lifecycles.

  3. Centralized Control: Veeam empowers you to centrally manage AWS backups across diverse environments—virtual, physical, SaaS, or Kubernetes.

  4. Minimal Recovery Time: In the face of disaster, Veeam ensures your operations, from complete instances to individual files, are recovered and reinstated within seconds, well within your Recovery Time Objective, mitigating potential disruptions.

  5. Holistic Security: Data backup is encrypted and access is meticulously controlled to shield against both internal and external threats, including ransomware attacks. This compliance extends to regulatory standards and AWS's security best practices. Your backup can be isolated from production, bolstering defense against ransomware-type threats.

  6. Efficient Backup to AWS S3/S3 Glacier: Veeam's automated backup processes extend to Amazon S3 or S3 Glacier/Deep Archive, aligning with compliance requirements and minimizing snapshot retention costs.

  7. Platform Agnostic: Veeam simplifies backup, recovery, and migration across any environment, be it virtual or physical, without incurring additional charges.

  8. Economical Backup Costs: Veeam allows you to achieve noteworthy savings on your AWS backup expenses, without compromising compliance or data retention. Additionally, it introduces an innovative feature—a backup cost calculation tool—to forecast expenses, enabling you to steer clear of unexpected financial surprises.

  9. Enhanced Security with KMS Support: Veeam Backup for AWS V4 introduces support for AWS Key Management Service (KMS), offering administrators heightened control over passwords and encryption keys, bolstering security protocols.

  10. Effortless AMI Deployment: Veeam Backup for AWS offers a user-friendly installation through Amazon Machine Image (AMI) deployment. Launching instances becomes a breeze with the AMI specification, catering to varying configurations as per your organization's needs. Furthermore, RESTful API support streamlines automation and deployment in alignment with your operational requirements.

As a dedicated Veeam partner, Teleglobal is primed to assist you in harnessing the full potential of Veeam's multifaceted capabilities. Reach out to us to craft a comprehensive AWS backup and recovery strategy tailored to your needs, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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