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Here is our massage guide, which breaks down the ten most popular types of massage therapy to help you understand which style is right for you.

1. Swedish

Swedish massage is one of the most common therapies in the United States today. If the type of message is not specified, it may be a Swedish massage. Swedish massage involves long strokes, muscle massage, and circular movements in the surface layers of the muscles with a lotion or massage oil.

2. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage can be defined as a Swedish massage in addition to one or more flavored vegetable oils that meet your specific needs. The oils used, known as essential oils, relax, increase energy, reduce stress, and more. Some essential oils include lavender, eucalyptus, Menthe Aventis, and clove. Spa in Bur Dubai

3. Hot stone

Hot stone massage involves the use of warm soft stones that are placed on certain parts of the body to warm and relax tense muscles and balance the strength in the body. The stones can also be held and gently applied to the body by pressure. Hot stone massages are considered comforting and useful for men and women with muscle tension who prefer a lighter massage.

4. Thai

Thai massages also balance the energy of the body, but with gentle pressure, compression, and stretching at certain points. Thai massage is considered to be much more energetic than most other types of massage because it reduces stress, improves flexibility and range of motion.

5. Deep tissue

Deep tissue massage involves slower muscle movements or friction tactics to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Spa and Massage in Bur Dubai

Deep tissue massage is used for those who suffer from chronically tense muscles, repetitive tension, posture problems, or those who are recovering from an injury.

People who have had a deep tissue massage often report pain for several days immediately after the massage.

6. Shiatsu

Shiatsu, a Japanese method of massage, uses finger pressure on acupuncture points to help the body regain balance. Each acupuncture point is held for two to eight seconds to improve energy flow. Shiatsu is known to be relaxing and enjoyable.

7. Back

Back massage is exactly what is known as a specific back massage. If you need a one-time back treatment, most masseurs will massage your back just to relieve pressure, relieve pain and relax.

8. Reflexology

Reflexology is actually a foot massage that puts pressure on certain parts of the foot that correspond to your vital organs and body systems. Reflexology is used to relax, especially for those who are tired and have sore feet.

9. Sports

Sports massage is used specifically for those who do sports or any other type of physical activity. The focus is on preventing, treating injuries, and improving athletic performance.

Massage is actually a combination of techniques such as Swedish massage, light stretching, and much more.

10. Pregnancy

 Pregnancy treatment, also known as prenatal massage, is given to pregnant women who can count on minimizing stress, reducing edema, relieving pain, and reducing anxiety and depression. Be sure to find a massage therapist who has been certified in massage during pregnancy and is familiar with the correct method of positioning and maintaining a woman's physique during service.


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