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2010 is starting to be a good year for movie lovers. Because 2010 provides the best movies of all time in this only one year. Every director of Hollywood or Bollywood must have to watch these movies just a once. If you are a movies lover then you are in right place. Because mp4moviez provides the best movies of all time for free.

10 How to Train Your Dragon

This is the best movie on my list that you should take the kids to see. This was a wonderful film from beginning to end. You don't have to worry about the kids crying about this movie entertaining the whole family. The story is about a group of Vikings who kill dragons because they believe they are dangerous. The little boy goes against the rules and finds that they love dragons more than they can see with their eyes.

9 Unthinkable

Another interesting movie story is based on a Muslim military expert who converted to Islam and planted three nuclear bombs in three U.S. cities. The FBI and the military are involved and bring in an unusual investigator to try to find places for the prisoner.

8 Clash of Titans

Another great movie you can see on a rainy day. This is a remake of the Old Clash of the Titan movie with actors like Medusa etc.

7 Alice in Wonderland

This film is absolutely amazing 3D version was the best. This is another episode with a variety of eye-catching characters and lots of laughter. He will definitely leave this film talking about their heads. You will also want to jump over the rabbit hole yourself to walk on your own.

6 Picture

If you want to see a fun movie full of action and sacrifice you must go see Avatar. The movie is about avatars living near a military base. This base has cars called Avatars that resemble Avatar creatures and people go between Avatars and try to learn their secrets. Soldiers with another agenda want to destroy the Avatars' homes to make money with their resources. It comes to a select few to stop and warn the Avatars before it is too late. This was a wonderful film with a love story mixed into it.

5 A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you want to panic because of your pants you need to go see the remake of the movie Nightmare on Elm Street a beautiful horror film. After watching this movie you may want to stay awake for a few nights.

4 ELI's Book

This was a wonderful film. This is one of those films where everything comes together in the end. Denzel Washington did an excellent job in the movie as a mysterious stranger in the city. Denzel is on a mission to protect the sacred book once the secret of the book is revealed he finds himself drunk and running away to keep his book safe.

3 Divide Third

If you have seen all the other Shrek films you need to fasten your seat belts because you are on a wild and funny journey. This was his funny film and you get to see your favorite actors make you laugh too. This is a great movie for the whole family

2 Man of Steel 2

This movie has your face action and self-sacrifice. If you thought one Iron Man was right you haven't seen it yet. With an updated suit and a new sidekick, this movie on mp4moviez com has a powerful punch. Fighting scenes are also amazing as you fly with a wild roller coaster adventure in the sky.

1 Prince of Persia

If you thought Iron Man 2 was right it means that the Prince of Persia would make it look like a walk in the park. This movie has action, journey, love, and doubts all combined into one deadly film.

You will leave this movie looking for a sword. You can't just watch this movie at once, this movie is so good. Don't take my word for it and go and see for yourself.


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