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Top 10 Non-Fiction Books to Read

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Everyone has different and unique choices. Some people used to read fictional books, while others like to go for non-fiction books. It depends on the priority of everyone's favorite. There is also a fraction of people who love both types of books. Here, in this article, we will tell you the best non-fiction books to read along with the best website to buy them.

The market is full of all kinds of books, including non-fiction books. It makes it difficult for you to choose the most reliable books. Some worry! After researching and analyzing, we have brought the top 10 non-fiction books for you; here are them. Let's have a look:

  • The Sixth Extinction: This book is written by Elizabeth Kolbert, and she tries to define the “catastrophist” theory of extinction. In this book, different ways of species extinction are described with shocking aspects and facts about the planet earth. You will undoubtedly get to know about some harsh realities of humans.
  • No-LOGO – Solution for a sold planet: This is one of the most popular non-fiction books written by Naomi Klein in the market. This book has corporate governance and world government. A business owner and people with corporate backgrounds must have read this book.
  • A dream from my father Barak Obama: This book is written on the life story of the ex-US president Barak Obama. It will describe all the struggles of his life, how he became president and many more unknown facts.
  • A Brief History of Time: Those interested in Science and Physics can go for this book. It is written by Stephen Hawking and contains facts related to time. All the theories and how does the time start.
  • A Grief observed: It is a famous book written by CS Lewis. This is a love story book based on the story of CS Lewis. It will make you romantic and fascinated with the world of true love.
  • The Affluent Society: This book is written by a Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith. It will describe how the US become a wealth center of the world after World War 2.
  • Cured – Strengthen your immune system and heal your life: The people who are concerned about their health can read this book. It has all the essential tips and tricks to improve immunity. A famous doctor himself writes it. This book will help the readers know the immune system's whole mechanism.
  • In the realm of hungry ghosts: This book is written by Gabor Mate. This book depicts some of the most common addictions in society and how people are engaged with them. This book represents the true and harsh reality of humans and society.
  • Notes of a Native son James Baldwin: Another most famous book by James Baldwin. This book is all about tackling issues of race in America and Europe. It has ten articles published by James as per his views and opinions. Modern society is full of addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs, and, more importantly, anger, bliss, sadness, and happiness. The black side of all these additions is depicted in this book.
  • The elements of style: The last but not most miniature book in our list of top 10 non-fiction books. This book is written by a famous grammar scholar William Strunk Jr.

Many platforms and websites offer these books, but we at Books33 offer high-quality textbooks at a reasonable price. These all are must-read non-fiction books for you if you are a non-fictional book lover. Try them and satisfy your curiosity.



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