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Top 10 Puddling Special Tractors in India

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Puddling in agriculture, the crucial second phase in the rice cultivation process, plays a pivotal role in preparing the land for sowing rice seedlings. Following the completion of ploughing, the field is inundated with water. At this juncture, a specialized 4WD tractor, equipped with a puddler attachment, comes into action. This tractor efficiently churns the moist soil, compacting it to form a dense layer that prevents excessive water seepage. The outcome of this process is an optimal environment that facilitates the easy penetration of rice seedlings into the soil, enabling them to access essential water and nutrients vital for their growth.

Top 10 Specialized Puddling Tractors

  1. John Deere 5105 Puddling Special: With a 40-horsepower 3-cylinder engine, the John Deere 5105 Puddling Special is adept at handling complex farming tasks. Notable features include a dry-type air filter, ADDC for hydraulic control, a 1600kg lifting capacity, and other modern functionalities.
  2. New Holland 4710 4WD: Sporting a 47 HP 3-cylinder engine, the New Holland 4710 4WD is a popular choice for puddling. This tractor offers power steering and a lifting capacity of 1800 kg, enhancing maneuverability and productivity.
  3. Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI 4WD: Mahindra's Yuvo 575 DI 4WD boasts a powerful 45 HP 4-cylinder engine. Equipped with a constant mesh gearbox and dual-acting power steering, it offers a lifting capacity of 1500 kg for efficient puddling.
  4. Kubota MU 4501 4WD: Delivering 45 HP of power, the Kubota MU 4501 4WD features a double clutch system and a synchromesh gearbox for smooth transmission. Its lifting capacity of 1640 kg further contributes to effective puddling.
  5. Sonalika Tiger DI 47 4WD: The Sonalika Tiger DI 47 4WD is tailor-made for puddling tasks. A robust 50 HP engine with a capacity of 3065 CC, hydraulic lifting capacity of 2000 kg, and power steering make this tractor a powerful and user-friendly choice.
  6. John Deere 5045 D Power Pro 4WD: With a 46 HP 3-cylinder engine, the John Deere 5045 D Power Pro 4WD is widely favored for rice puddling. Features like the Collarshift gearbox and power steering enhance its appeal. It offers a lifting capacity of 1600 kg.
  7. Sonalika Mahabali RX 42 Puddling Special: Recognized for its popularity in the field, the Sonalika Mahabali RX 42 Puddling Special packs a 45 HP engine with an engine capacity of 2893 CC. Equipped with a dual-clutch system and a lifting capacity of 2000 kg, it excels at efficient rice puddling.
  8. John Deere 3036E Puddling Special: Designed specifically for puddling, the John Deere 3036E Puddling Special features a 36 HP engine. It comes with a Sync Reverse gearbox and power steering, offering a maximum lifting capacity of 910 kg.
  9. Massey Ferguson 244 Dynatrack 4WD: Massey Ferguson's 244 Dynatrack 4WD is a popular choice for puddling, boasting a 44 HP 3-cylinder engine. With a lifting capacity of 2050 kg, power steering, and a constant mesh gearbox, it delivers on both power and convenience.
  10. Eicher 380 Prima G3 4WD: The Eicher 380 Prima G3 4WD is equipped with a 40 HP engine, 2500 CC capacity, partial constant mesh, ADDC for hydraulics, a 1650 kg lifting capacity, and a category II 3-point linkage.

Specialized rice pudding tractors boost production, soil quality, make transplanting simpler, and increase operator comfort. These tractors are designed specifically to meet the special soil churning needs of rice paddies, resulting in increased yields and improved soil structure. If you want more information about Pudding Special tractors, visit the TractorKarvan website.


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