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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Custom Invoicing Software

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Customized invoicing software has become a buzzword among business owners due to its countless benefits. This software can be integrated with a company's existing ERP and CRM systems, which helps companies reap its benefits without changing their current systems.

Moreover, when dealing with data theft, the most important thing for a company is to control the data for security reasons. And, customized invoicing software makes this possible for businesses.

This software's benefits do not end here; we have made a list of 10 reasons to choose a bespoke invoicing software for your better interpretation.

Ten reasons to choose bespoke invoicing software

1. Receive payments from all over the world

Running a business worldwide has become a walk in the park, and advanced, state-of-the-art invoicing software has made it very easy for businesses, regardless of their financial situation, to receive payments from anywhere in the world.

Now the question that must be striking your mind is how?

Reputable software systems such as Invoicera come with more than 30 payment gateways that allow you to receive payments worldwide.

These software solutions have integration with international payment gateways such as PayGate, Forte, Eway, SagePay, Ogone, BluePay, Network, Setcom, VCS, Creditcall, 2checkout, and Moneybookers.

The systems also feature integration with Canadian and US payment gateways: Alipay, FirstData, Beanstream, Psigate, and Moneris.


2. Detailed reporting

You can have detailed reporting of invoices using a customized workflow solution. In addition, customized invoicing software will also give you a better insight into your unpaid invoices to give you an idea of the company's financial status at any time.

These advanced customized invoicing software systems can also be customized to the company's specific needs to understand the influence of price or tax changes in the future.

3. Increased productivity through customized workflow management

A sufficient automated business billing software system can make the invoicing process much easier, allowing your employees to focus on other feasible tasks.

Online payments and automated transfers greatly reduce the time and effort to deal with customer cheques. Also, customized workflow systems and hosted solutions can be a blessing for the entrepreneur to eliminate tedious paperwork.

Automated billing systems are designed according to the business's needs to result in expected efficiencies within the processes.
4. Unquestionable security against data theft

It is a widely known fact that cloud billing software can be easily accessed by hackers, whereas custom billing software is highly reputed for its unquestionable security against data theft. It is because we can control custom software, allowing us to prevent our data from falling into the wrong hands.

Having bespoke invoicing software like Invoicera means we can control it completely. When we have this, we are free from stress regarding our business and customer data security.

Invoicera has a three-layered security system for unquestionable security which is detailed below one by one with an overview:

Two-factor authentication: This is an additional security layer to ensure that your account is safe from any outside intervention and other probable intruders.

Login with security questions: This is a set of 8 personal questions created to make security more robust and limited only to you.

Add staff IP address: Security is not limited only to administrators and login but is also given to staff. It is for the assurance that your employees are not misusing their accounts.

We believe it should now be clear why customized invoicing software such as Invoicera is the best security choice.

5. Adaptability to ERP and CRM system

Bespoke invoicing software is designed with CRM and ERP systems in mind. If an invoicing software system is adaptable to ERP and CRM systems, the technology can benefit you beyond your expectations.

The efficiency of a system increases when it is integrated, making it able to utilize resources ideally. Also, you will have more convenience due to the countless possibilities to improve your business process using API integrations.

The efficiency of a system increases when it is integrated, making it able to utilize resources ideally. Also, you will have more convenience due to the countless possibilities to improve your business process using API integrations.

6. Better customer data management
As we all know, it is a must for every new business to know how to manage their customer data. Therefore, it is better to go for software systems with modern technology for this purpose. Having a modern, state-of-the-art, tailor-made invoicing software allows you to store all data in one place and archive it with maximum security.

Also, Invoicera provides you with a fully dedicated customer portal. You can add a list of all your customers or directly import the list into the dashboard. Managing customer details and saving them for later invoicing will be as easy as a walk in the park.

7. Generate multiple invoices at once

Being a business owner makes it essential to be aware of the value and benefits of multitasking. Having more than one thing done at a time, if a software system does it in a short period, then the time saved can be invested in something feasible to take the business to the next level.

If you have efficient invoicing software, you can comfortably send a large number of invoices simultaneously.
8. Control your expenses better
Invoicera, the highly reputable software, takes the headache out of expense management. It provides a single tab for managing expenses and keeping track of accounts payable and reporting.

Invoicera's expense management function allows you to keep track of regularly occurring expenses easily. Besides, you can conveniently import expense files into the Invoicera dashboard.

And, creating search categories and analyzing reports by country can be done without any hassle.

9. Save your valuable time and money
It will be beneficial for you if you spend on cutting-edge business invoicing software like Invoicera as it helps you save a lot. Before the advent of these advanced technologies, businesses used to depend on the postal system and fax machines to send invoices to their customers. However, it is now a different story because digital means are now being used for such purposes. This makes generating and sending invoices very cheap and time-saving.


The reasons for choosing bespoke invoicing software set out in this section should be enough to make you aware of the benefits. Data security, saving the planet, saving money and time, and improving your invoicing processes can help you grow your business.

The best thing about having an efficient business billing system is that the money and time you save can be spent on making something workable. In this way, you can expand your business horizon and explore countless opportunities, which will boost your company's growth.


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