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Traffic tickets are annoyingly popular since someone is making a mistake now and then. Luckily, our justice system helps you to strike back. A traffic law office can challenge tickets for a passing breach, speeding tickets, practically every road quote. Although you can plead your case with the help of an Eagle County Colorado Traffic Lawyer, some traffic ticket misconceptions might give you the wrong impression.

Many people have myths about getting out of a fast ticket and still paying a fee or visiting a traffic school because they relied on a myth. There are also some “tips and tricks” that claim to minimize your odds of getting a swift fare, but they’re just plain fake. It’s time to settle the score and unravel some of the more popular traffic ticket theories.

1. If the cop makes an error on the ticket, the lawsuit will be dismissed.

Everyone is making mistakes, including police officers. Unless there is a gigantic mistake, mistakes such as misspellings, erroneous numbers, or other small clerical errors will not win your day at the traffic court if you want to appeal. Traffic ticket errors, such as a listing of the driver’s incorrect name, an incorrect description of the car, a listing of the wrong road where the traffic quote was made, and other material errors, may help Eagle County Colorado Traffic Lawyers win their lawsuits. Still, a few errors and typos do not count.

2. You win the case if the arresting officer fails to show.

While not a total lie, you would not win immediately if the officer who wrote the ticket failed to appear before the judge. Few states do not compel the officer to testify at the traffic law violations hearings, but the traffic law office can also prosecute the case without the officer in attendance. In many other states, an officer who gave a traffic ticket is expected to testify, or the court will cancel the lawsuit. Eagle County Colorado CDL Lawyers study the local legislation and see how this myth applies to your jurisdiction. In this case, no one can simply presume that the officer would miss the court.

3. Red cars would draw more tickets than any other color.

Although bright colors can certainly grab anyone’s attention and the police are no exception to that, there is no official science to this claim. Although many have theorized that this myth is valid, there is no statistical proof to support it.

4. When you get a ticket to another state, your home state won’t hear about it.

Of all these traffic ticket theories, this one was valid once, but it’s been debunked for a long time now. Many states in the country have agreed to the interstate Driver’s license compact that allows the states to forward the traffic law violations tickets to the jurisdiction of the violator. There are only five states that are not included in this agreement however laws can be subject to change. Even if you live in a state that is not included in the DLC that doesn’t mean you get to relax.

5.Healthy reasons should be used to get away from tickets.

The reasons you’ve been speeding up are immaterial. The cop will still write a speeding ticket. In fact, making an excuse is tantamount to giving a confession to the officer. If you want to go to jail, this will be taken against you. When an officer pulls you over the best answer to any question is “no”. Accepting the ticket will give you an advantage in a traffic law office and how cooperative you are will help your Eagle County Colorado CDL Lawyer to lower your penalty.

6. Radar guns can’t pull you over.

Drivers tend to underestimate the capacity of radar detectors and because of that, they commit speeding violations. However, law enforcement agencies are looking to new technologies that might outclass the radar detector and will be more useful in catching speeding violators. There are places in the country where the use of radar guns have been banned while other states are pushing in the same direction.

7. An unsigned ticket is an invalid ticket.

A traffic quote is still accurate whether or not you have a police officer to sign it. Signing a ticket doesn’t mean you’re guilty, it just means that you have the ticket and you promise to appear in court. If you hesitate to sign it, the officer and the judge will be agitated when you appeal it. Hurting the chances of your Eagle County Colorado CDL Lawyer of turning the tide in your favor.

8. If the radar is wrong you’re free to go.

The Eagle County Colorado CDL Lawyer still has to prove to the court that the radar is indeed inaccurate and even then it only serves to help your case. Chances are you won’t have any credible proof to support the judge’s argument. Your best chance using this angle is to prove to the court that the officer has calibrated the radar gun incorrectly. If you ever want to try this defense, you’re going to have to apply for the officer’s calibration reports to find a traffic law violations solicitor to help you, so that’s more of a challenge and an expense than facing the most penalties.

9. Passing a slow-moving vehicle allows you to overspeed.

If you’re going beyond the speed limit, you’ve gone beyond the speed limit. There’s no going around that. If you’re behind a slow-moving car, you either need to be able to overtake it under the speed limit or simply sit behind until you’re able to swap the lanes safely.

10. Following what other speeding drivers are doing is a valid reason for speeding.

Just because other drivers are overspeeding means that you should overspeed too. Using this line of reasoning is very childish and will not work on any proper police officer. It doesn’t matter if you went over the speed limit by 5 miles while the person on your right went over by 10 miles. When you were spotted speeding up the road, the offense will occur regardless of whether or not the people around you have gone with it.

We hope that you never get a speeding ticket and that this article has helped you debunk these myths that have put clients of Eagle County Colorado Traffic Lawyer in harm’s way. However, if you need any representation in a traffic court do not hesitate to call Eagle County Colorado Traffic Lawyers.

This article has been written by denvertrafficlawyer.com. They provide legal services to drivers charged with traffic offenses like speeding, suspended license, and DUI in Denver, Colorado.

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