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In a society where materialistic desires and job competitiveness have become the day's standards, mental well-being has become increasingly vital. The Canadian Psychological Society, more than anyone else, recognizes this and annually hosts National Psychology Week to promote mental wellness among Canadians.

The week is being observed this year from November 9 to November 15. Seminars, web presentations, workshops, exhibitions, public displays, and tea parties are among the ways the group seeks to promote psychological wellness. When students are stressed about an assignment, they can turn to the “My Assignment Help” service for assistance.

10 Stress-Relieving Strategies for College Students

  1. Reach out and make friends:

Dale Carnegie wasn't kidding when he said: “how to gain friends and influence people.” Graduating from high school and enrolling in college is a significant life and professional milestone, and you'll undoubtedly feel the strain. Everything from picking electives to asking a lady out on a date may be a stressful experience. Finding other first-year students and informally discussing your difficulties with them is a fantastic approach to relieve tension. If you're too bashful, make use of the wonders of social media. You could come into a healthy internet community.

  1. Imbibe Lifestyle management:

While in college, you should develop eating well, sleeping well, and exercising regularly. According to studies on student psychology, students who live an active and healthy lifestyle have a decreased risk of getting stress-related disorders.

  1. Avoid drugs:

Get high on friendship, love, and education, but not on drugs. Steroids, mood boosters, marijuana, and other similar substances may provide a short lift, but only at the expense of awful side effects such as weight fluctuation, high blood pressure, and a slew of other ailments.

  1. Start a hobby:

Don't give up on your interests. Develop a pastime. Take out that old guitar from the back of the closet and play a few melodies on it, or go out on the cricket field and practice that cover drive you've always wanted to perfect. Hobbies keep you occupied and are also excellent stress relievers.

  1. The significance of organization:

This point cannot be overstated. Approaching deadlines, missed class lectures, and misplaced files and notebooks cause a lot of worries. These issues are frequently self-inflicted and may be readily remedied by being more organized.

  1. Stay in touch with family:

Perhaps now is the moment to appreciate family value. Once in a while, pay a visit to your relatives. Call your parents and surprise them, or tell your younger brother about your college experiences. It is critical to have a support structure that can give emotional assistance in times of distress.

  1. Reach out to professional psychological help:

Seeking professional psychological help does not imply that you are insane. Having a third-party intervention for a more objective perspective is always beneficial. Student counselling is available at several universities across Canada, and some even provide peer therapy for those who prefer to talk to someone their age.

  1. Change your mind set:

People who are irritable, judgemental, and impatient are more prone to depression, stress, and nervous breakdown. Keep an open mind and a low bar for your expectations. Life does not always go according to plan. However, being open to a feeling of possibilities and reconfiguring oneself is always a good idea.

  1. Express yourself:

Holding on to negative feelings causes psychological tension. It is always beneficial to express oneself to one's friends and family. If you have trouble expressing yourself orally, keep a blog or utilize social media to express yourself.

  1. Maintain a positive connection with your teachers:

Most of your teachers are likely to be senior students with years of classroom experience. They are very aware of the difficulties that students face. Talk to your teacher if you have problems grasping the new course or finishing the term paper. They might be able to help you.

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