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Top 10 Things to see and do in Adelaide

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It’s not surprising that in a country so vast, Australia still has some secrets. Look beyond the deserts and tropics and colorful cities. You’ll find some hidden escapes, unique wildlife and remote hideaways. Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, has and is all of these things. While this city is the hub of the southern region, it’s remote location, uncomplicated infrastructure and slow-moving pace have created an ideal getaway for those wishing to escape the tourist trappings, get up close to nature, and lose themselves in a unique and unforgettable place.

The Great Ocean Road

The best way to get to Adelaide is via the Great Ocean Road. This runs along the Victorian coast towards Adelaide and sports some of the greatest scenery Australia has to offer. Stop to take a breath of fresh coastal air blowing in from the Antarctic. Take photos of the Twelve Apostles, twelve large, positioned columns of limestone standing each alone, meters away from the looming cliffs.

Murray River Cruise

If boats are more your thing, head out to Mannum and take a Murray River Cruise. Here you can enjoy the luxury of fine dining on a boat while taking in the hidden and ancient lands of Australia. Watch the varied landscape evolve, witness small, friendly riverside communities and learn about the culture of the people and the nature of the land.

Penfolds Winery

Penfolds is one of Australia’s oldest and most well known wine label. Take a day tour through the winery and learn the historical story of the label’s long-standing development in such a young country. Be sure to try some of the Grange label before sitting down to the spectacular view in the glass house for some lunch.

City Walking Tour

Being a small city, Adelaide has the advantage of proximity. And having managed to build a pretty impressive collection of old cathedrals and architectural monuments in a young country lacking in this sort of attraction, a day strolling around the city is a unique delight. Be sure to photograph the Gothic styling of the St Francis Xavier Cathedral. Go inside the eerie Adelaide Gaol Historic Site. Visit the historic 1845 house of Sir Henry Ayers, after whom Ayers Rock (Uluru) derives its name.

Witness the Native Cultural Traditions

Visit the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute and listen to the didgeridoo players as they create their unique and haunting music, reminiscent of the land and traditional stories. Or watch a live Torres Straight Islander dance performance. Gaze through the galleries or watch some documentaries and learn the fascinating evolution and traditions of the oldest surviving culture in the world.

Acquaint Yourself with a National Hero

A must for all cricket fans is a visit to the Bradman Collection. This monumental wing in the State Library of South Australia features story lines, photographs and the very belongings of cricket legend, Sir Donald Bradman. If cricket is not a sport of particular interest to you, this is still a great opportunity to learn about Australia’s sporting history and get a sense of how important sport is to the national Australian psyche.

Haigh’s Chocolates Visitor’s Center

On the high street of Sydney, on a quiet corner block, sits Australia’s most famous chocolate store, Haigh’s. This is the one everyone goes to for very special occasions. In Adelaide however, you have the whole factory at your feet. If you’re after something sweet, take a tour of the factory and learn how the chocolate is made and packaged, all the while taste-testing Australia’s finest and most coveted treat.

Meet Australia’s Unique Animals on Kangaroo Island

To the south of Adelaide, hidden in the cooler regions of the Indian Ocean, lies the remote Kangaroo Island. This place is home to some fascinating wildlife. Here you can escape for a couple of days, get up close to the kangaroos and koalas and take time out on the beach to watch the penguins and sea-lions play, taking in the fresh, Antarctic breeze. Watch the sunset play with the colours of the rocks and the water as you sit back drinking the local wine.

Visit the Migration Museum

Australia has a very multi-cultural population and given its history, it’s no wonder. Having first been home to the Aboriginals, then used as a prison for the convicts before becoming a refuge of natural resource and wealth to immigrants from all over the world, Australia has been revered as home, hell and a promised haven by many at one time or another. Here, learn more about the history of the Australian people, how the various stages evolved and who and what helped build the Australian personality as we know it.

River Torrens Linear Park Trail

Finally, having scaled the city and braved the surrounding wilderness, take a rest alongside the River Torrens. Follow the park trail from the beach to the city, taking in the changing landscape and admiring the serenity. Buy one of Australia’s favorite meals, fish and chips, from a local takeaway, and take a picnic in the park-lands. Sit back and watch the people and wildlife co-inhabit in such a unique area, and bide your time before heading back out into the general bustle of the world.


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