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Out of all the things you can have in your home, Corian countertops can be one of the most important. They’re so useful and helpful, but even though it’s just a flat surface, there are so many choices. From durability to looks and versatility, Corian countertops are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes, and it’s no wonder why. But when it comes to color, it will become overwhelming. We made a list of the top 10 trending Corian counter colors to help you make an informed decision. Whether you want something more natural or bold enough to be the centerpiece of your kitchen or bathroom, these colors will elevate any space.


1. Arctic Ice

Have you ever been in a room that felt timeless? The feeling is soothing, but it’s hard to explain how it’s done. One thing that seems to do the trick most often is Arctic ice countertops. It’s white with a bit of gray, and somehow it has the ability to blend into any room. With it, you can add elegance and cleanliness to your kitchen, whether it's traditional or contemporary.

2. Deep Nocturne

Kitchens are vibrant places, and adding Deep Nocturne to one will give it drama like no other. Walking in, people will immediately notice how bold and striking it is. The black color with white lines gives off a daring presence that simply cannot be ignored. Being able to add depth and sophistication with this choice may sound strange, but it works.

3. Rain Cloud

After the rain has come to pass, the skies turn gray. It combines with white to create a rain cloud. This color is perfect for a kitchen, as it gives off elegance regardless of whether you have a modern design or a farmhouse-style kitchen. The soft and soothing look is really something else when used on walls or countertops.

4. Gray Onyx

Onyx is a type of stone that’s primarily black but has white lines running through it. It’s already known for being elegant and luxurious. Gray Onyx takes all those features and adds sophistication to them, making it perfect for people who want to make a statement without going overboard. Combining this with light-colored cabinets creates a contrast that can fit into any modern or traditional kitchen design.

5. Seagrass

Seagrass, as the name suggests, is green like grass. This vibrant color brings life back into any room it’s in, making you feel like you’re in a botanical garden or open meadow. You can put this countertop in your bathroom or kitchen, and adding wood finishes will bring out its full potential.

6. Burled Beach

Burled Beach is the best option if you’re looking for a rustic and coastal feel for your kitchen. This warm and inviting Corian counter has sandy brown tones mixed in with cream accents. With this beautiful pair of wood cabinets and earthy accents, you’ll be able to kick back and relax in your kitchen space.

7. Glacier White

When it comes to kitchen colors, Glacier White is a classic. The timeless appeal of its bright white will never go out of style. It’s sharp, clean, and perfect for any design style. Whether you want a minimalistic home or something more traditional and homey, this color can do it all. Plus, if you’re looking to keep up with future trends, matching the decor of your kitchen is as easy as ever.

8. Stratus

Veining adds finesse to the gray background of Stratus. This creates an engaging look that isn’t overwhelming or underwhelming. Its versatility is even more of a plus since it can be paired with cabinetry of any color or style. No matter what interior you have, it’ll add depth and character, which can’t be said for most other options. So if you want something that’s both visually interesting and elegant, this is definitely worth considering.

9. Witch Hazel

Introducing Witch Hazel, a color that will make your kitchen feel cozy and warm. The combination of beige and brown keeps things simple but adds enough warmth to give them life. If you’re looking for decor to match with wooden cabinets and rustic elements, you’re in the right place.

10. Whisper

When you see smoke rise into the air, you can imagine what this color looks like. A light gray that’s delicately veined with white, it adds an elegant touch to your kitchen without overpowering it. And the best part? It’ll look good in both warm and cool color palettes even after years go by.


When designing a kitchen or bathroom, you have to take time and consider the best corian counter color. Your living space should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so you don’t want to mess it up. Above, you will find the top 10 colors of Corian counters. Don’t worry about not matching your style because these colors are guaranteed to pair nicely with any look while also enhancing the overall look. Just remember to think about existing designs and personal preferences when selecting one. Visit Christone and explore a wide range of solid surface collections.



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