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Top 10 Twitter influencer to follow in 2020

 With the increasing popularity of Social Media, Digital Marketing has grown vastly in recent years. To builds your brand and business you need to have a Social Presence

The number of twitter users has been growing each year. Users always get confused about whom to follow on twitter. As per trends in 2020, here is our list of ‘Top 10 Twitter influencer to follow in 2020’, and you can also be one of them by taking up a Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

1) Elon Musk (31.2M followers)

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is very active on twitter. He doesn’t just talk about new innovation in his Companies Tesla and Spacex but also asks for feedback. The best thing about him is that he speaks his mind by posting relevant memes and also reply to some of his followers.

2) Ellen DeGeneres (79.5M followers)

Ellen is the host of the most famous talk show in the world. She is also one of the most active people on twitter. She posts a lot of video clips from her show and also posts videos sent by her fans. She uses twitter for polling, promoting movies or shows off her guest etc. Currently, she is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

3)  Cristiano Ronaldo (82.7M followers)

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most famous sportsperson. For a sportsperson, he has the highest number of followers on Twitter and Instagram. He has not limited to sports but is also an inspiration for all fitness enthusiasts. He usually posts about his football practice session and gym workout. He also posts about his personal sports brand which is high in demand.

4) Barack Obama (113.1M followers)

Currently, he may not be sitting in the white house. But he is sitting on the top of the twitter’s most-followed person list. Obama usually posts about his personal life. He also posts about different events and organizations he is supporting. He gives his own views on international news.

5) Guy Kawasaki (1.4M followers)

Guy Takeo Kawasaki an American marketing specialist and Silicon Valley venture capitalist, who is currently working as chief evangelist at Canva and also a brand ambassador of Mercedes Benz, gives current updates on marketing and also talks about techniques to be a successful marketer.

6) Leonardo DiCaprio (19.3M followers)

He is an actor but most importantly he is an environmentalist. He is a great influencer, who posts about the activities taken all around the world to save the environment. He works for a number of NGOs and through tweets collect donations for them.

7) Katy Perry (108M follower)

Katy is the most followed female on Twitter. She is one of the biggest twitter influencers from the music industry. She posts about her albums and music tours. She has also been vocal about the NGOs (mainly about woman empowerment and against animal cruelty). She also posts about her political opinion.

8) Kylie Jenner (31M followers)

Kylie is the youngest self-made billionaire. She is an entrepreneur, model, and a famous TV celebrity. She has a cosmetic line named Kylie. If you have to learn how to work as an influencer and promote your product on social media then she is the one you should follow.

9) Jack Dorsey (4.3M followers)

Jack Dorsey is a co-founder of Twitter. The American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur posts about new updates of Twitter on his own account. He also posts about different technologies launched and retweets relevant content from different influencers.

10) Richard Branson (12.6M followers)

Richard is the founder of Virgin Airlines. He is an entrepreneur, traveller, and author. He is also a motivational speaker and talks about entrepreneur skills. He has travelled all around the world and usually posts about his travelling experience. He is a perfect role model for a traveller.

This is our list the ‘Top 10 Twitter influencers to follow in 2020’. 

How many of them are you following?

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