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Top 11 Best Love Story Books For All Type of Readers

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If you want to get away from your screen for a while, there's no better way to unwind than to read a good old-fashioned but in a modern way like the David Wells book “Walking Out of Time”. It's tempting to spend an afternoon binge-watching TV shows and movies, but even the best romantic comedies lose their charm after hours and hours of nonstop watching. Time to curl up with a good book.


A good mystery or nonfiction book will catch your attention and make you think, but a good love story will make you feel good and keep you turning the pages. It's hard to find anything better than reading one of the best romance books ever. Who doesn't love, you know, love? Whether you've already found the Noah to your Allie or just started to date, the best romance books on the market today will change how you think about life and relationships.

You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

Feyi's link to famous chef Alim is clear and can't be denied. Feyi has been sad about her husband's death for five years, but now she is ready to start living again. But things aren't easy for our would-be lovers. Alim is the father of the man Feyi is dating, and if they ever told each other how they felt, things would go wrong. This taboo romance is sad and powerful. It shows how grief and loss can make us feel alone and reminds us that sometimes, choosing love is the most radical thing we can do.


Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan

How do you fix a love that you thought would never end? An unimaginable tragedy has separated Josiah and Yasmen. But, at the beginning of Ryan's beautiful song “Before I Let Go,” they start the journey back to each other. Ryan has said that she “writes to make an impact,” and she does it again with this story. Her moving portrayal of depression and grief, along with brutally honest conversations about the stigma surrounding mental illness in communities of color, is a perfect example of how, in the right hands, romance novels can change lives.


The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

Mika Moon has always had to hide her magic. She is most like herself when she posts videos on social media where she acts like she is doing magic tricks. Her life changes when she is called to Nowhere House to teach young witches how to control their magic. This romantic story is full of quirky, likable characters who will win over even the most cynical reader. It's a beautiful story that shows how wonderful it is to find your people and let love find you.


Heartbreaker by Sarah MacLean

If Adelaide Frampton, the sneakiest pickpocket in the South Bank, wanted to find love, it would not be with someone like the Duke of Clayborn, who is quiet and honest. But when they have to travel quickly across England together, she is horrified to find out that Clayborn is not only stunningly handsome but also a very good and honest man. This is the one thing Adelaide can't protect herself from. This fiery second book in the Hell's Belles series has more of what the MacLeanverse is known for feminism, action-packed adventure, and romance.

A Proposal They Can't Refuse by Natalie Caña

A Proposal They Can't Refuse by Natalie Caa Kamilah and Liam will do anything to make their businesses work, even if it means going along with their meddling grandparents' plan to set them up. The two people who used to be best friends devise a plan to fake an engagement, but they soon find out that they are fooled about how they feel. This hot first book contains culture, charm, humor, and swoons. It balances a perfect romance with sharp observations about gentrification, racism, and the immigrant experience.


Meryl Wilsner made Mistakes.

Cassie Klein, a senior in college, just had the sexiest hookup of her life. So imagine her shock when she finds out that her hot date is her best friend's mom. This steamy forbidden romance shows how hard it is to start adult life after college and find love and your identity when you're in your forties. Cassie and Erin's relationship is both funny and sad at the same time. This reader hopes that Wilsner keeps writing such hot stuff.

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

When Lily Wilder's latest group of city dwellers comes to Utah for one of her tours, the last person she expects to see is Leo Grady, who broke her heart ten years earlier. But when the fake treasure hunt goes wrong in a very real way, Lily and Leo have to put their past differences aside to save Lily's future. This second-chance romance is a rollicking, steamy, twisty, and funny example of what a great Christina Lauren book is all about.


American Royalty by Tracey Livesay

Dani “Duchess” Nelson doesn't want or need a Prince Charming, but she gets one when she has to work with the grandson of the British monarch as part of a tribute concert for the queen. Dani is a real superstar, but Prince Jameson doesn't want to be in the spotlight. Even so, the rapper and the prince can't ignore the pull between them, no matter how different they are. We know how the story will end, but it shows how good Livesay is that we are on the edge of our seats until that heart-stopping HEA.


After Hours on Milagro Street by Angelina M Lopez

In this emotional “enemies-to-lovers” story, lust, anger, and being forced to be close make for a potent mix. Alex Torres, a no-nonsense bartender, returns to her hometown of Freedom, Kansas, determined to make Loretta's, her grandmother's, old watering hole, a success. But Jeremiah Post, a nice guy who is annoyingly hot, is standing in her way. Lopez is great at writing about strong women who know what they want, but what makes this romance stand out is the way Lopez shows Alex's soft spots and pain and how, in her quest to leave her mark on Freedom, Alex, with Jeremiah's help, finds love, reclaims her family's legacy, and reveals the real history of her community.


Pride and Protest by Nikki Payne

Pride and Protest is a book by Nikki Payne. Payne has done what I thought was impossible: she has written a new version of “Pride and Prejudice” that stays true to Jane Austen's classic love story. Liza B., a radio DJ and activist is trying to stop shady gentrifiers from taking over her neighborhood. Dorsey Fitzgerald is a builder who wants to carry on the legacy of his adoptive family. Liza and Dorsey's romance has all the smoldering tension we expect from a classic “enemies-to-lovers” story. Still, it handles serious topics like generational trauma and classism with wit and heart. This is a brilliant start.


Walking Out of Time By David Wells

The story of Jaymes Welch is at the center of “Walking Out of Time,” a book by David Wells. A child of the military who became a lawyer stands up for the little guy. Jaymes has everything she wants, but she prefers to be alone and not have any romantic commitments. Beah Stewart is a computer genius who works for the government of Britain. She is lively and not afraid to show who she is. Beah has had many boyfriends, but she still hasn't found “the one.” When Jaymes's brother gets sick with a mysterious illness that has killed several men in her family, fate brings them together. They end up finding their futures in the past. Jaymes and Beah work together to create a complicated web of love, magic, and betrayal.


Books can take us back in time, across galaxies, or right into the middle of a heartfelt love story, complete with all the best parts and a happy ending. Great romance books like “Walking Out of Time” by David Wells use all tropes and sub-genres, from enemies to lovers to fantasy romance, but they all follow interesting characters through a series of challenges on their way to falling in love.



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