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In this digitally progressing era, India, in particular, is emerging as the superpower for Human Experience Design across the globe. All the growing businesses in the world are going beyond just online with the new and emerging technologies like AR, VR and there’s a dire need to tap into the customer’s brains. User Research & User Experience plays an important role in designing an interface that is friendly, innovative & cutting-edge. The catch here is to pick the best UI UX design companies in India for your business to stand out.

The web has various listicles of top UI or UX design studios. Sure, a good UI design is important, but to get the best results for achieving what the customers really need, a team should know how & where to get their research started. What separates a good UI design from a great one is a team’s collective effort, constant collaboration with the clients, web-scrapping, keeping up with the trends, and of course, a precise SEO analysis. Before we get started with our list of the top UI UX design companies in India, let’s discuss the growing need for UI UX design agencies globally.

Why The Need For UI UX Design Companies Is Growing Exponentially?

Recognizing the ideas of a user-friendly design can be something convoluted for any specialist or organization. UI and UX planning is an element for the general advancement of a business' serious strength, item improvement, and client technique. The development of UI and UX rehearses brought a long-lasting period of prosperity as both the client and the organizations have come to comprehend the different types of advantages, they can get from them.

Nonetheless, when it boils down to taking care of the necessities and execution of various projects, any business should seek assistance from one of the best UI & UX design companies in India. An imaginative and computerized plan can help your organization with coming up with answers that define your brand style and bring out its uniqueness. These organizations create a brand personality that comprehends the inventive requirements of your business & maintains them throughout. Thus, it is a rational decision to re-evaluate your UI & UX configuration needs, with a human-experience agency of your choice.

Now let’s go through India’s top 11 UI UX design companies.

  • Red Baton Design Studio

With an ever-growing, close-knit team of 150+ people, the head office of Red Baton Design Studio is in Bangalore, India; with a web-development branch situated in Noida. Ranked as one of the most reliable & best UI UX design companies in India, RB has a vast clientele, which includes well-known names like Hindustan Unilever, Yulu, Tata One MG, Amazon Academy, Aegon Life Insurance, Tredence, and many other small & big level firms in the fields of IT, retail, supply-chain, finance, media, and more.

They are known to create a brand personality that brings out a recall value & retention. Their top-notch UI UX designs based on extensive User Research have driven sales for several businesses.


  1. Lollypop

Lollypop Layout Studio started in 2013, is a team of 80 team-members focused on generating client experience. Mainly located in Bangalore, India, they have a satellite working environment in Mumbai. Lollypop creates UI apps for businesses, in the field of medical care, instruction, & food innovation

They have a wide range of clients and have won quite a lot of awards. They are known to turn their client’s basic wireframes into clever UI designs.

 Visit: https://lollypop.design/ 

  1. Thence

Thence (previously known as WinkTales) is a contemporary-style firm in Bangalore, India. A team of 20+ workers focuses on UI design. Their team serves several business & midmarket clients in various areas: IT, retail, purchaser things, and financial. Thence group is known to develop experience-rich site design as well as smooth application screens, which makes them one of the most sought-after and best UI UX design companies in India.

Visit: https://www.thence.co/

  1. Leo9 Studio

Leo9 Studio is a UI/UX Design Agency is a design firm founded in 2012 in Mumbai, India with more than 10 employees. They are experts in UX/UI design and branding for clients ranging from small firms to big organizations in the fields of business services, hospitality, and education.

Visit: https://leo9studio.com/ 

  1. Divami

Divami Layout Labs is a client experience firm and is tagged as one of the best UI UX design companies in India by the brand they have collaborated with. A team of nearly 90 members, Divami Layout Labs is known to have the most involvement in UX/UI format for WordPress & .NET content administration frameworks. Founded in 2008, they utilize a three-venture run methodology to manage these errands: uncover, plan, and layout. 

Visit :https://www.divami.com/ 

  1. Sociowash

Sociowash is a creative hive and one of the best UI UX design companies in India, headquartered in Delhi. They have a team of youthful experts who collaborate with brands & associate with their clients. The team impeccably mixes UI & UX strategies in their undertakings to help their customers with interfacing the brand in an exceptional manner. Apart from being an advanced advertising and clever fixes firm in Delhi, Sociowash also deals in website architecture and logo configuration.

Visit: https://www.sociowash.com/ 

  1. YUJ Designs

Identifying themselves as Style company YUJ Layouts; this agency was established in 2009. They are headquartered in Pune, India, and have a team strength of 85+ staff members. The agency solely indulges in UX/UI design.

YUJ Designs provided their UX/UI services for an exclusive life insurance firm. The company revamped its website and also created an internal app. 

Visit: https://www.yujdesigns.com/ 

  1. Usefacet

Founded in 2009, Userfacet is a layout company based out in Bangalore, India. The group consists of about 50 team members who provide UX/UI layout services that venture in the IT sector, monetary services, energy, and also natural resources.

Userfacet created an inner device for a business software application business. Their team executed the layout precisely, delivering a high-quality product.

Visit: https://www.userfacet.com/ 

  1. F1 Studioz

Established in 2012, F1Studioz is a UX/UI style organization that defines user personas. With offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, they have a team of 30+ employees.

An IT company hired F1Studioz to redo their campaign management device. They specified a conceptual model of the item as well as a structured process. Their teamwork reduced the complexity of the tool, making it easily accessible for users.

Visit: https://f1studioz.com/ 

  1. Screenroot

Screen Root is an India-based interactive design agency that specializes in UX/UI design. Founded in 2008, Screen Root works with both web platforms and mobile apps. The team of about 25 employees is well-versed in SaaS platforms, intranets, kiosks & e-commerce websites. Their various services and accurate user research make them one of the best UI UX design companies in India.

Visit: https://screenroot.com/ 

  1. Silverscoop

Established in 2017, Silverscoop is a UI UX design company based in Mumbai, India, with 10+ employees. They have digital product strategy, web, & UI UX solutions to offer and have a portfolio of clients ranging from small to large firms in fields like media, financial services, and business services.

Visit: https://www.silverscoop.co/ 

Please take a look at their portfolio, websites, and testimonials from their clients to feel sure about recruiting one of them for your project.



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