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A doctor appointment application allows the patients to book an appointment from their comfort zone area. Using their computers or mobile phone from anywhere and anytime the patients can book appointments. 

No matter the location of the patients, they can contact doctors in any location of their choice. In this blog, we are going to discuss the must-have features of doctor appointment applications. Let us discuss the features of the Doctor Appointment Booking App.

Doctor Appointment App: A Way to Book Doctors Smartly


Patients feel exhausted spending their time waiting for doctor's appointments in hospitals for a long time. Moreover, the cost of online appointments is reasonable compared to personal appointments. In case the patient misses a visit to the doctor, the doctors can manage their time efficiently by distributing their workload. 


The patients are more concerned about saving their money and time. Using the doctor appointment system the patients can schedule their appointments. While the doctors don't interfere in the booking of the services. The reminder option will also make the patients know the appointment that is coming soon.


When a patient feels ill, they can easily find a doctor of a specific specialization with a good internet connection and a smartphone. If the application is built with a good UI/UX design the patient can schedule an appointment much faster than if they would have called the hospital.


The medical appointment app makes it possible to arrange video calls. So video conferences ensure more comfortable communication between patients and doctors. In case the patients are having some skin problems or visible injuries they can show them to the doctors. Payment through online platforms is another benefit of the Doctor Appointment App.

Improved Treatment Process:

The patients can get qualified healthcare services from the application. Which increases their trust in the application. The doctor appointment app may decrease service costs and improve the level of services adapting to the needs of the patients. The doctors also prescribe medicines through the application.

Brand Awareness:

If the patients are treated with maximum care, it leads the patients to build trust and grow loyalty. The patients will definitely choose the same clinic next time. So the application for a doctor appointment is an excellent way to move to the next level.

The Astonishing Features of Doctor Appointment App:


The scheduling feature enables the user to book doctor's appointments by using an online application. In the scheduling option, the user can select the date and time of the appointment they wish according to their convenience. A few taps on the mobile will help to book appointments by checking the doctor's calendar.

Patient Profile:

The patient profile should include personal information which helps to identify the patients. The patients can upload documents and scan details so that the doctors can examine their health condition.

Doctor Profile:

The doctor should also have a profile that makes patients choose the most suitable doctor. The patients can select doctors among different healthcare professionals. The app should show the doctor's specialty, location, photos, and reviews.

Reviews and Ratings:

The doctor appointment application makes the patients leave comments. This helps others to know the services provided through the application. The rating and review option allows the patients to rate the service given by the doctor. The patients who are willing to get the services can view the reviews posted by the patients who got treatment from the doctors. The patients who get services through the application can only post their reviews.


The doctor appointment application must have a calendar option. This helps the customers to book appointments by selecting the date and time from the calendar option. The calendar keeps updated on other bookings so that several customers can't fix appointments at the same time. The calendar option also shows the availability time and dates of the doctor.

Reminder and Notifications:

The customers will be given reminders through text messages, E-mail, or app reminders once the time and date of the appointment is coming soon. The notifications also will recommend doctors with specialization. Giving the patients regular reminders will help the patients not to miss any services.

Live Chat With Support:

This feature is used by the patient's side. The doctors will be available all time through the live chat whether it can be through audio or video platforms that can provide 24/7 support. This will be useful for the patients to get immediate treatment in case of an emergency.

Payment Integration:

The patient can perform payments through multiple options at their convenience. The patients can pay for the services they get through credit card, debit card, or e-wallet. Which will help manage appointments efficiently and make payments automatically. The payment also provides the patients with flexibility and security.


Patients from rural areas can get services from doctors through online consultation by in-app call/chat. This helps to reach more patients who cannot visit the clinic. This helps to reach more patients and helps to reach a disease-free community.

Electronic Health Record (EHR):

The EHR feature enables the doctors to view the history of the patient in the documented view. This will increase the productivity of doctors and allows clinics and doctors to write safer prescriptions. As each patient will be having different dosages of medicine.


The doctor appointment application allows the doctors to prescribe a needed medicine along with the receipts in the app. Then the patients will be able to order food from a local pharmacy or through online medicine ordering apps.

Medical Tips:

Giving a few medical tips in the application will enable the users to gain the trust of patients. This will increase the patient's use of the application for getting basic tips for small health issues in the form of tips.

Final Note,

In this blog, we came to know the must-have features of Doctor On-Demand App. If you are an entrepreneur and looking to start a doctor appointment application. Buy an application with features that are mentioned in the blog. Most importantly select a well-experienced app development company.



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