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Top 15 Free Crochet Patterns To Make With Bernat Blanket Yarn

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Want to do a super-soft snuggly project and luxurious? Bernat blanket yarn is one of the best choices for your project because these chunky blanket yarns work up fast and easily. This post will show 15 easy patterns to crochet with Bernat blanket yarn. From your wearable items, you will love the endless options available with this beautiful yarn.

What is Bernat Blanket Yarn?

Bernat blanket yarn is a collection of thick, soft, squishy, and ultra-cozy yarn, and it’s the best option for crocheting cozy blankets and crochet projects! In addition, Bernat blanket yarn is available in an array of styles in jumbo yarn weights and super-bulky. Their yarns are made of polyester and are effortless to machine wash and dry. In the project’s collections below, you will find patterns featuring an array of Bernat blanket yarns, such as:

  • Bernat blanket
  • Bernat blanket big
  • Bernat’s blanket is extra thick
  • Bernard baby blanket
  • Bernat blanket brights
  • Bernat blanket O’Go
  • Bernat blanket pet
  • Bernat blanket twist
  • Bernat blanket ombre

For your accommodation, this post added the recommended yarn for every project. Just feel free to swap them out if you select; just make sure to check your gauge.

Things That You Can Make With Blanket Yarn

Blanket yarn is fabulously soft and cozy, but it’s not just for blankets. In fact, there are various crochet projects for which type of blanket yarn is perfect. A few patterns you will find in the below list include:

  • Baskets
  • Poufs and pet beds
  • Pillow covers
  • Children’s toys
  • Hoodie
  • Slippers
  • Blankets and throws

Substitutes for Bernat Blanket Yarn

If you cannot discover the right Bernat blanket yarn near you, don’t worry! You can order it online at amazon.comlovecrafts.com and yarnspirations.com. Also, you can swap it out for a substitute. A few predictable options include:

  • Big twist cuddle yarn
  • Loops & threads chenille home slim
  • Red heart sweet home
  • Loops & threads sweet snuggles lite
  • Lion brand wanna make a blankie

Of course, unique varieties of Bernat blanket yarn make amazing substitutes for your project. As always, always check your gauge before getting started.

Some Reasons Users Love Blanket Yarn

  • Soft: Bernat blanket yarn is incredibly soft, and it’s best for curling up next to the fire and crouching a soft and cozy project. Whether you are making a hat, blanket, or squishy, your project will be a relief to anyone who gets to like it.
  • Large color range: the options are diverse when it comes to selecting a color for your project. Choose from a large variety of solids, or choose a variegated or ombre design like Bernat blanket twist yarns.
  • Economical: you will find bracket blanket yarns to fall into a medium price range at local craft stores. Blanket yarns are priced adequately, making them the best choice even for larger projects like full-size blankets. Their super blunky weights also let them work up fastly. 
  • Durable: Many blankets yarns are made of polyester, which provides them durability to hold up via plenty of usage, machine washing, and drying. They don’t shed and allow your project to be loved and used for many months and years to come.

Top 15 Bernat blanket yarn patterns

  1. Crochet extra thick and creamy throw

This jumbo and vintage throw blanket is very cozy and soft and is made with jumbo yarn and a 25mm crochet hook. It measures almost 44″ x 36″ when it is finished. It is made with half-double crochet, making it easy for learners to complete.

  1. Beginners basket crochet pattern
Beginners basket crochet pattern

This helpful basket is the best choice for holding almost anything. From yarns to toys to craft supplies, this base will absolutely come in handy. Super bulky Bernat blanket yarn is the best choice for his sturdy and tight basket.

  1. Footrest pouf crochet pattern
Footrest Pouf Crochet Pattern

The handmade footrest project would be amazing for adding comfort to your home or for giving as a gift. This appropriate footrest is crocheted in the round and then loaded with polyfill. Using bulky yarn, it measures almost 16 in diameter.

  1. Crochet water balloons
Crochet water balloons

Crochet water balloons are one of the favorite projects of most users. By making crochet water balloons, you get classic water balloons that are amazingly absorbent or squishy. They are reusable, washable, eco-friendly, and dryer safe. If you want to try reusable water balloons, simply soak your water balloons and throw them. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to purchase latex balloons over and over, and there are ways very easier to clean up.

  1. Crochet sweeper cover
Crochet sweeper cove

You can crochet your reusable Swiffer sweeper with this simple pattern. It comprehensively mops up grime and dust and is easy to throw in the wash. When you know the loop stitch, you will be able to make this sweeper cover within one hour

  1. Bernat bobble and fringe crochet pillow

You can cover up your old pillows with these unique and elegant crochet pillow covers. The bobbles and cord fringes add much interest. They are also comfortable and soft; the best thing is they are handmade.

  1. Bernat crochet ice cream cone toy
Bernat crochet ice cream cone toy

Whether enjoyed as a pillow or as you, this crochet toy pattern works up fast to make oversized and sweet ice cream cones. Each child will love this oversized crochet ice cream cone. Also, this pattern is knit smoothly from top to bottom.

  1. Bernat crochet pet bed
Bernat crochet pet bed

This pet bed crochet pattern makes a delightfully soft home base for your shaggy friend. This bed is knit, which uses a single crochet stitch. It is accessible in small, medium, and large sizes.

  1. Bernat lounges around a crochet blanket hoodie
Bernat lounges around a crochet blanket hoodie

The one and only thing better than curling up with a cushy and soft blanket is actually wearing one. This blanket hoodie is best for lounging on the most chill days. Also, it is worked flat, and then it is seamed together

  1. Bernat textured life crochet blanket
Bernat textured life crochet blanket

This super cozy and soft textured blanket adds style to any room. It is very easy to make as small or large as you want. Crochet one for a baby gift, or select a refined color to add to your own living room.

  1. Cloud 9 slippers crochet pattern
Cloud 9 slippers crochet pattern

Keep your feet cushy or cozy in these quick-to-make booties. This slipper pattern is made with Bernat blanket yarn, and it takes 10 fast rounds to make. Also, this pattern is available in small, medium, and large sizes

  1. Free modern + chunky crochet blanket
Free modern + chunky crochet blanket

This pattern makes the most amazing and timeless baby gift by using the peephole chevron stitch. If you wish for a bigger version, then the instructions for increasing the size are added.

  1. Chunky crochet slippers
Chunky crochet slippers

These squishy and chunky slippers can be easily made within 1.5 hours, and also these are available in 8 types of unique sizes. In addition, It takes one skein of a 220-yard Bernat blanket to create a pair

  1. Sandy beach blanket
Sandy beach blanket

With Bernat baby blanket yarn, this textured and cozy blanket is a breeze that can be completed in a few hours. You can create interest with various color changes or keep it in one shade.

  1. Mock granny stitch blanket
Mock granny stitch blanket

This mock granny project is made with half-double crochets to eliminate the holes in a common granny stitch blanket. The combinations of colors are endless with this wonderful and snug blanket.


Blanket yarn is super bulky, so you will always need a large hook to crochet effectively and keep your blanket yarn on the hook. To crochet all the free patterns mentioned in this detailed blog, you will need some common tools such as yarn, crochet hook, scissors, tapestry needle, and many others. Check out this complete blog to learn more about all the patterns, materials, and stitches.




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