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Starting your own branded business is never too late if you clearly know the best-selling seasonal items and platforms where you can fully unlock your potential. Amazon supports new vendors on their path toward successful sales, providing special programs and tools for thriving in the chosen e-commerce niche.

In this article, we’ll describe the most popular print on demand products for the middle of 2023 and explore Amazon features that will help sellers to establish a recognizable brand.


Summer is a time for traveling, meeting with friends, and active outdoor activities. It’s a season to buy brand-new cloth and create memorable family photos. And your customized apparel can probably become a high-demand, low-competition product on Amazon for the middle of 2023. Let’s see what you may personalize, considering your chosen niche and customers' expectations.


Starting a t-shirt line is always a good idea, whether it's summer or cold season. These top-selling online products are wearable all year and can come in various styles and prints. If you want to create a win-win item, try to start making unisex black-colored apparel. But before, ensure your logos, slogans, and pictures look excellent on the garment.

Many buyers would be excited to have the same look with their kids. So adding children's t-shirts to your assortment can become a profitable idea.


It is another classic POD best product to buy and sell on Amazon. Designed as a commonly used sportswear and a cozy element for everyday outfits, hoodies may greatly diversify your online shop. Thanks to the variety of materials applied for their production, these items can be personalized with several methods, including DTG, screen, or vinyl printing.


This hottest summer item can combine different marine and flower motifs. Although swimwear is mostly popular in summer, there are countries where the sun shines brightly all year round. People enjoy traveling more, especially when the Covid restrictions were lifted. And their bright personality can be emphasized with extraordinary bathing costumes. You may also consider creating a beach towel line that can match the swimwear and grow your sales.


Spring beanies pass their challenges to summer hats, and you, as a seller, should provide an opportunity to order the best suitable colored design to complete the customer’s outfits. Choose trucker or baseball caps, and think about how to represent your brand on these top-trending products on Amazon. Such items are often ordered for sports teams, that’s why they are good for establishing successful bulk sales.


The days become longer, and socks are shorter on summer days. Nevertheless, you can still customize this trendy stuff with your logo or make printings throughout the entire garment. Don’t forget to add adequate sizing information so that buyers can make the right order.


All-over-printed pants are a perfect opportunity for designers to create a masterpiece that will become a best-selling summer product online. Leggings are popular among sports lovers and also are widely worn at music festivals and other events. Whereas pants are usually made from polyester and spandex, you may consider the dye-sublimation method for producing a durable, high-quality clothing line.

Pet Products

Selling pet accessories may give great potential for your business prosperity. There are several ways to show you share the same passion with animal lovers. 

Tank Tops

As pets become actual family members, customers may want to add some similar stuff to their shopping carts, like the same t-shirts. This cute item can be worn for cold evening walks or photo shoots, definitely making it a trending Amazon product in summer 2023.


Encourage your clients to keep their pets nearby using your printed collars. Consider several sizes for small, medium, and large animals. People will enjoy buying pet stuff from your online store because they will hardly find such a unique top-selling summer item in the nearby brick-and-mortar shop.


Like a mug for coffee lovers, pet bowls are excellent stuff for customization that can please buyers. The main thing owners want to see on the surface is their animal’s name. So if you choose this top product to sell on Amazon in 2023, think of how you’ll fulfill multiple orders with various text on them.


Most hosts treat their home pets as themselves. So to keep them warm in beds, customers will buy a personalized blanket with a dog’s or cat’s theme printings. And even if clients don’t think of purchasing such stuff before, visiting your online shop may change their minds. It all depends on the uniqueness of your offerings and efforts to promote products on Amazon.

Holiday Items

Summer 2023 gives a lot of occasions to meet with friends and relatives, greeting them with an amazing surprise. To know what celebrations you can enjoy in the third quarter of this year, watch our marketing calendar. And here, we’ll give you a few more ideas on the best products to sell online in 2023 to boost traffic.

Phone cases

Being always at the customers’ fingertips, mobile gadgets need periodical refreshment. The easiest way to give a new look to the old phone is “wearing” it in a new colorful case. Bring your picturesque design ideas to life and control your expenses by printing only on demand.


These most sold products on Amazon can showcase any design or slogan you only imagine. The main buyers on the holiday eve can be event organizers and ordinary people who want to decorate their house walls. Regardless of the image type and size, don't skimp on its quality. Satisfied and loyal clients are much more valuable than the costs you will save on printing.

Tote bags

Holiday eve is the time for the highest profit margin. Many other sellers may want to order special bags dedicated to the upcoming event to pack their stuff for customers. So you can probably get a wholesale order if your proposition stays out of the crowd.

Travel accessories

When people travel around the world or just drive to a neighboring state, keeping an excellent mood during the trip is vital for long-lasting positive memories. Let’s see what Amazon print on demand products may interest adventurers.

Water bottles

Americans buy around 50 billion bottles per year. Everyone wants to be healthy and stay hydrated, especially in the summertime. Produce reusable customized products and contribute to environmental safety.

Luggage tags

Basic trip necessity, which is the most sold item in summer, is intended for customers who don’t want to lose or mix up their travel bags. Tags can be made of leather, plastic, or other synthetic material and customized to the client’s liking.


People often choose picturesque prints for their luggage cases to easily find them on the baggage carousel at airports. Create some interesting mockups by yourself, or hire a professional artist to help you develop the highest-demand products on Amazon.

Pocket Mirrors

Help your customers stay attractive and careful even after several hours of flight by adding personalized travel mirrors to your listings. Besides, you can use the same design as for water bottles or suitcases, creating outstanding travel accessories apparel.

Kitchen utensils

During the lockdown, people all over the world were trying to make their home lives comfortable. And kitchenware became one of the most profitable products to sell online. Food containers

This printed stuff can bring a cozier atmosphere to every house and help customers to easily organize their kitchen space. As for the basis that may be used for printing, you can consider glass, ceramic, or wood.

Oven Gloves

It may become a pleasant purchase for bakery lovers that want their kitchen to be a lively and aesthetic space. You should pay attention to heat-resistant coatings to prevent causing a bad users’ experience with your summer dropshipping products.

Chef Jackets

All the hosts are chefs in their own kitchens. So this item can become an outstanding present for everybody if you’ll customize it with the customer’s name. The other target audience for jackets is restaurant owners. Your online shop may receive an order to print kitchenware for a numerous team of cooks.

Now that you are familiar with trendy items for the upcoming summer of 2023, let’s find out how Amazon can help you with merchandising…


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