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Top 3 Books That Will Guide You Through a Successful Career in Your Life

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Books are a very easy way to keep learning about anything, whether you want to know how to get through your 20s, how to invest, or how to move up in your career.

Success is a natural topic that many people want to read about. As a result, many best-selling books like the books by Peter H Paulsen in the self-help genre cover everything from making good habits to learning how to lead. Here are some best-selling self-help and personal development books and memoirs that can improve many aspects of your life, from money management to problem-solving.

Team Human By Douglas Rushkoff

“Team Human” explains in a lot of detail why being “fully human” is more of a team sport than an individual one. The Washington Post calls media theorist Douglas Rushkoff's book, “A Manifesto for Connecting Personally in a Tech-Dominated World,” “a manifesto for connecting personally in a tech-dominated world.” In the book, Rushkoff looks at how technology trends have turned society on its head and why it's time to come together and rebuild social bonds with positivity.

Company of One By Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is a freelance designer best known for his work with Yahoo, Microsoft, and Mercedes-Benz. In “Company of One,” he shows readers how he works for himself and makes a six-figure income from his small home on an island off Vancouver. Even though Jarvis has no plans to grow his business beyond himself, he talks about how leaving the high-pressure corporate world made him happier, more successful, and more productive.

From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity by Peter Paulsen

Anything is possible when you love something and are determined to go after your dreams. We don't have to have a college degree to be successful as long as we work hard and stay focused on our goals. Peter Paulsen has had similar things happen to him, and he made a name for himself in the construction business. This book gives us hope that we can keep our faith, be strong in the face of trouble, and still come out on top.


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