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Top 3 Teams with the Highest Fanbase in the Indian T20 League

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With the Indian T20 League coming to an end this season, every team has given their best to entertain the fans in one of the most infamous leagues of the year. The format of the Indian T20 League attracts a lot of online fantasy cricket players as well. Here in this league, domestic, national and international players compete against each other on the same platform and this results in a lot of cricket fans sticking by the television or smartphone all around that time. 


However, estimating the popularity of fans in the Indian T20 League franchises is really difficult. Every other player you see supports a franchise and claims to be the most famous amongst others with the highest numbers of followers. However, assessing the real value of a fanbase is tough and nearly impossible.


This topic is really a very viral one as fans of each and every franchisee for the love of their clubs keep on claiming their team to be the best among others in some or the other way. Although the figure may vary we have come up with a short list of the most popular clubs with a raging number of fans which denotes the craze of the limited over format- Indian T20 League among the other fantasy cricket leagues.



Whether it’s because of the state or the link with the legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, Mumbai has always been one of the top of the top popular teams in the Indian T20 League. The five times trophy winner is considered to be the most successful club in the history of the league. Even the 2020 League final between Mumbai and Delhi visualised everyone why there is almost no match for Mumbai in the Indian T20 League. With over 13.7 crore fans on facebook, 7.6 million on twitter and 10.3 million followers on instagram. In their fans eyes they are the only champions whether they win or lose a match. Playing fantasy cricket game during Mumbai’s match is always profitable for a fantasy cricket player since it has a excellent line up and the most prized captain in the league history.




The name of the owner of this club is itself enough to get an idea of it’s popularity. Kolkata is one of the biggest and the third most successful franchise in the Indian T20 League. Moreover it’s the city of joy that makes it’s unique from other clubs. The tradition of this club is very old and historic. The club seems to have the most undisputed love and support even at the hard times. With a huge number of 16.7 million fans on facebook, 4.9 million on twitter and 3.3 million followers on instagram the two times league champion has delighted his fans in every possible way. 




The brilliant team continues its legacy with the Indian legendary skipper Mahindra Singh Dhoni has been four times champion of the Indian T20 League. With over 13.1 crore fans on facebook, 8.7 million on twitter and 10.4 million followers on instagram Chennai enjoys his yellow army supporters in each and every stadium. They have the most consistent and loyal fans who love their club more than anything else. And with a series of prominent cricketers on board, playing fantasy cricket games along their matches  can help you fetch a lot of money. 


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