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Is buying Bongs from wholesale merchants really worth it? Let’s answer this question through the following points of argument:

Get A Better Deal

Buying wholesale bongs Los Angeles can help make more money in the long run for a retailer and/or seller. The cost of each unit drops as bongs are purchased in packages. And if you can use your negotiating skills, you can get a lesser price or a free bong. That will benefit you in the financial terms.  Earning triple your cost will be easy as you are eliminating the middleman in the transaction.  

When you make a wholesale deal, every time you save money per unit. That adds up to noticeable savings in the long run. Some wholesale suppliers even provide a guide about how much you can sell the wholesale bongs for a retail price. Like this, you can figure out the actual profit you are expecting for one batch of wholesale order.

Provides Wider Variety

There are quite a few wholesale bongs packages that provide a whole variety of different bongs from glass pipes to water pipe bongs. Oft-times, the suppliers even allow customization relying on your request and their available stock. In this way the buyers have an advantage. You can buy wholesale bongs Los Angeles that are in demand in your store at a much lesser price. Moreover, allow a new variety of bongs to be introduced in your store.

Decreased Shipping Costs

You are not just saving cost per unity when you choose to buy wholesale bongs from a supplier. Shipping bongs in larger batches are for the most part much lower, than if you were to order the bongs separately. Of course, it is crucial that you make time for factoring in the shipping costs; when it comes to the overall price of the merchandize you are purchasing. Including the profit you will probably make from them. Certain wholesalers online offer free shipping costs if you order their minimum requirements. These kinds of offers maybe capitalized on. Since even with the price of shipping, one can save a significant amount of cash.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing bongs wholesale can be quite cost effective. As you can possibly make three times the amount of what you paid for. There are some good online suppliers for wholesale bongs today. So, you can choose one that offers the best value on the products you’re aiming to sell. Moreover, as buying wholesale is almost always cheaper per unit. So, you can sell your bongs for a price lower than what your competitor is offering in your area.


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