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Nobody can achieve anything in his life without a goal, so making a goal is very important. Once you make a goal, the next step is to accomplish it, which is not easy. It’s way tougher than making a goal. Sometimes people lose hope and give up. Sometimes they just change their aim or mindset and forget about their goals and try to fit themselves in the present situation. Life is quite hard, and to live it to the fullest, you have to become stronger and more educated. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. The only thing that matters is how you restart and finish what you started.

Well, none of the apps can help you accomplish your goals until you eagerly want to do so. All the five apps that we will recommend to you can only help you track your progress, remind you of your tasks, and do a few other things. So whatever your goal and how you accomplish it is depends on you. However, let’s take a look at the apps. Here we go!


GoalsOnTrack is an excellent goal-setting and personal-productivity app that can help you set and accomplish your goals. The app lets you set your goal, its purpose, and its start and end date. It also creates an action plan for you and even tracks your progress. Additionally, the app provides you with several goal templates, a built-in goal journal to record your progress, a habit tracker, and a tool to customize your action plan. It works flawlessly and is available for Android, iPhone, as well as Windows. It’s monthly subscription charges are $5.


Lifetick is a pretty decent goal-tracking app that helps you set your goal using several goal-setting methods. It even creates various steps for you to achieve your goal. The app also includes achievements in a date sequenced journal that you can review whenever you want. Additionally, you can invite other people to view your progress. They can view your progress as well as add comments to it. The app is available for free to use, but it also offers a premium version that will cost you $39 for a month. The premium version gives access to up to 10 people, so you can use it to manage your team, set team goals, assign tasks for your team members, and even track their progress. It’s available for Android and iOS.


Irunurun is another excellent goal tracking app that lets you track your actions or habits. The app even gives you points out of 100. When you start your work, your points will be zero, but it will increase when you start doing your task. If you complete everything before or on the appointed time, the app will give you 100 points, but you will get lesser points if you delay your tasks. You can even share your experience and invite your friends or family members on the app. It’s available entirely for free, but only for iOS users.

Habit List

Habit List is another pretty decent goal tracking app that tracks how many times continuously you completed your tasks. The app also allows you to create flexible schedules and decide specific days to do them. It even sends you reminders to do your tasks on time. This one is also available only for iOS, and it’s free too.


Coach.me is quite a unique app that lets you set your goals and decide what kind of coaching you want, including motivation, advice, etc. It uses crowd-sourced encouragement to motivate and help you achieve your goals. This one is available for Android as well as iOS. Charges for the app’s premium version are $20 for a month, but you can use its free version as well if you want.

So, these are all our picks for the top 5 apps that can help you accomplish your goals. Please try the titles mentioned above. Thank you.

Source-Top 5 Apps that Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals


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