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Hi Guys, today I’ll point out top 5 Arc Villains Luffy faced to date. I hope this list goes on according to your expectations. (Excluding WCI Arc)

The Top 5 Arc Villains-

5. Arlong (Arlong Park Arc) – 

I’ll put the captain of Arlong pirates at 5th position. He was the first official pirate villain who was taken out by Luffy. And it was also the first when all the official members fought together. Arlong was the fishmen and turned out to be immensely strong. He gave a tough fight to Luffy and was adamant in killing Luffy but was finally put to rest by Gomu-Gomu-no-Yari.


4. Crocodile (Alabasta Arc) –

Sir Crocodile finds a spot in the top 5. He is a former shichibukai and first Logia devil fruit user to introduce in the series. He had consumed Sand-Sand fruit and was on the verge of killing Luffy twice.  He was too naïve to take Luffy lightly and not getting the job done twice, which end up him costing the failure of his scheme and losing his epithet of the warlord. Luffy was having the hard time to land a hit on crocodile due to latter’s devil fruit ability but he soon figured out the weakness of Crocodile and changed his fighting style which resulted in his defeat.

3. Enel (Skypiea Arc) –

 Eneru was the former tyrant of Skypiea Island and possessed the power of Lightning. His defeat was quite a tragic one and he lost due to the law of science. Since Luffy was made of rubber he remained unscathed by the attacks of Enel, as rubber has no effect of lightning. Later on, he was conked down by Luffy and Eneru fled to the moon. Despite all these Enel was powerful. He single-handedly defeated the entire Strawhats and the descendants of the tribe along with the former God of Skypiea, until Luffy showed up.

2. Doflamingo (Dressrosa Arc) –

 Doflamingo is a Celestial Dragon and the former warlord. He came across Luffy at Marineford war but only got his business mixed up with Strawhats at Punk Hazard. Along with Trafalgar Law as his ally, Luffy fought against Doflamingo with his all might. Since both are the users of Haoshoku no Haki, and color of supreme, the battle turned out to be extreme. Luffy was finally able to put Doflamingo at rest with his “King Kong Gun” in his Gear 4th Form, The Bounce Man.


1. Rob Lucci (Water 7s & Ennies Lobby Arc) –

I’ll wrap up my list with Rob Lucci as the no 1 Arc villains in One Piece. The time was really tough, Nico Robin was captured, Usopp left the crew and Luffy was feeling the difference of power between his crew and that of CP-9. At this very moment, a much upgraded Luffy fought with the most powerful member of CP-9. The battle was intense Lucci launched series of attacks against Luffy, while Luffy gave reply first with his Gear 2 form than with his Gear 3 form. But this still was seen failing against Lucci’s skills. But with few words of motivation from Usopp, Luffy with his sheer determination managed to defeat Lucci. 


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