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Kratom, also known as Mitragynine Speciosa, is a tree found in Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries to treat pain. Today, however, kratom is used to treat various ailments.
Today, kratom is used to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Kratom creates a great mood. On the other hand, kratom is also considered a good substitute for opioids, morphine and cocaine.
The two main components of Kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are 40 times stronger than cocaine and are responsible for their side effects. Therefore, kratom can be used to quickly get rid of cocaine, morphine and opioids and is considered a good substitute.
With so many types of kratom on the market, it is very difficult to choose the right one. It seems more confusing if you are new to the kratom community.
However, today we have compiled the top 5 best kratom strains and suppliers that claim to produce the best kratom not only in the US but around the world.
Small products are not subject to laboratory inspection or testing to verify product potency and freshness.
Today most of the online kratom suppliers in the market claim to produce high quality kratom strains. We have compiled a list of American Kratom Association-approved kratom holders that will relieve you of all your jitters and never let you down.

  • Super Speciosa
  • Kratom Spot
  • All-Natural Artisan
  • Golden Monk
  • Kats Botanticals

Super Speciosa
Known for producing high quality kratom strains, Super Specioisa is the world's most advanced online kratom marketplace. They are known for making a wide variety of kratom products on the market including powders, capsules, and even teas. Apart from that, they are also a good kratom bulk wholesale dealer.
Super Specioisa has been operating since 2016 and takes its name from Mitragynine Speciosa. The Company processes natural kratom leaves into tea and other types of kratom products available on the market.
Super Specioisa is one of the best kratom suppliers on the market and each of their kratom products has been certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), which guarantees the high quality of kratom products.
On the other hand, they have also passed various independent laboratory tests to ensure the quality and potency of their kratom products.
Kratom Spot
Kratom Spot is also known for producing high quality kratom strains, drinks and capsules. On the other hand, they also offer over-the-counter kratom products to customers looking for mood stabilizers and sedatives.
Kratom Spot sources its kratom leaves straight from Southeast Asia, where the best kratom strains in the world are produced.
Kratom Spot also has a significant market share when compared to other kratom dealers on the market. Every Kratom product sold by Kratom Spot has also been laboratory tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness.
Their many Kratom strains are hand-selected and cultivated. They are also known for making very high quality kratom powder as well as easy to consume, high quality kratom capsules.
Kratom Spot produces more types of kratom than any kratom retailer in the market and 30 more than any kratom competitor in the US.
All natural Artisan
All-Natural Artisan is also known for trading Kratom Extracts Wholesale. All-Natural Artisan has a long history of selling only the most potent and best performing Kratom products on the market and stocks more Kratom strains than any other Kratom retailer on the market.
The main goal of All-Natural Artisan is to introduce people to all types and products of kratom available in the market and make them choose the right product. On the other hand, they are also known to sell potent Kratom products.
All-Natural Artisan makes the most potent and effective kratom products on the market. They export their kratom products directly from the best kratom deposits in Indonesia while their products are verified and tested by third parties and many third party laboratories ensure that their kratom products are the most effective and potent.

Golden Monk
Golden Monk also sells the best kratom strains in the US. On the other hand, they also promise to ensure pure kratom and manufacture their kratom products to the best manufacturing standards and guidelines in the industry.
Golden Monk is GMP and AKA verified and has conducted 6 lab tests to guarantee the potency and purity of its Kratom products.
Golden Monk offers a wide range of Kratom products online including Malay Kratom, Bali Kratom, Sumatran Kratom, Borneo Kratom and various other types of Kratom.
They can categorize kratom products based on the color of the kratom leaves, where they grow, and the weather that affects them.
Their three most popular and random kratom strains are red, white, and green. Each of their kratom products has unique health qualities linked to specific medicinal benefits.
Kat Botanticals
Kats Botanicals is also one of the most popular kratom purveyors out there. This is due to the quality and selection of their kratom products and they have long been the most trusted supplier of psychoactive drugs on the market.
Kats Botanicals joined the kratom industry in 2016 after realizing there was a shortage of quality kratom supplements in the market and over the years has not only managed to fill that gap, but has also established itself as one of the top kratom suppliers and merchant-developed in the market.



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