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Top 5 Cricut Beginner Projects to Get Started

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Buying a Cricut machine for the first time, and if you are a beginner, the device can be intimidating by its features and looks. It can also seem like a complicated machine, with many blades, mats, materials, and tools. So, choosing your first project can be challenging given the wide range of Cricut machine’s abilities. As you might already know, Cricut machines are cutting devices, and its high-end models can cut more than 300 materials. This blog contains curations of Cricut beginner projects to help you understand and work smoothly with the machine.

1.  Custom Phone Case

If you want to make your mobile’s trendiest new phone case, it is possible with your Cricut machine. You can mainly use the Explore machine for creating this project. It is because, along with Design Space, select your respective smartphone model from the iPhone and Android phones list. You can make a perfect Cricut phone case in just a few minutes.

Further, the supplies you need for creating a personalized phone case are an Explore or Maker machine. You also need a clear phone case, foil adhesive vinyl, or standard permanent vinyl. Also, you need Transfer tape and the respective designs you want to cut on the material.

2.  Cute Face Mug

It is one of the easiest Cricut beginner projects. You just need to cut some vinyl material and stick it on a mug with a clean surface. You can select super cute designs from the official Design Store or create your design. You can choose some cute doodles you or your kids like. And you can make various faces and expressions, even using animals such as a kitty, puppy, or unicorn.

Further, the supplies you need for this project are a sheet of vinyl, a Cricut Machine, and a weeding tool. Plus, you need Transfer tape to transfer the design onto the surface of the mug.

3.  Greeting Cards

You can make a set of greeting cards with your new Cricut machine as your first project. To do this project, all you need to do is cut two types or colors of cardstock, fold them, and put them together. Creating a set of greeting cards is very simple and quick, and you will also have cards with fancy patterned looks.

Further, all the standard cards are 5 x 7 inches, so you can keep them in envelopes and mail them easily. So, you need a standard cardstock, A Fine-point blade, a Cricut Joy, or Explore. Plus, the design of your greeting card. Additionally, you don’t have to score or glue the end products. That is why it is the easiest of all Cricut beginner projects.

4.  Wall Decals

The wall decals are another set of great projects to begin your Cricut crafting journey. You can add inspirational quotes or simple messages in your living room or bedroom. For this project, it is better to use regular permanent vinyl. However, you can also use colored vinyl to create a pop-up look.

Further, this project requires a Cricut machine, permanent vinyl, and an SVG design file. Additionally, you need to measure your space and cut the quote of your choice. After missing, clean the wall, free it from dirt, and then apply the design.

5.  Coasters

Another way to decorate your coffee or personal table is by adding personalized coasters. Making coasters is easy and takes less time. It also needs less materials to make it. All you need to create a coaster is first to decide on the design you can easily peel off from the material. In addition, you need permanent vinyl and cut the design on it using your Cricut Maker or Joy.

Further, using permanent vinyl to make coasters assures you of longer life and won’t quickly come off from the coaster.


Using a Cricut machine is easy once you get comfortable with the materials, tools, and Design Space. To get comfortable as a fresh user, you must pick up projects that read to you the fundamental aspects of working with a Cricut machine. This blog will be an easy guide and Cricut beginner projects to help you in the initial stages of working with the device. In addition, you need to pick a project with fewer materials, simple steps, and less time to complete. Once you master the basic techniques, you can create complex designs and projects.


What is the helpful advice on Cricut beginner projects?

Some important suggestions are to pay attention to instructions and get suitable materials/supplies and tools for your project. Additionally, if you are in doubt, test it first. As a beginner, you need to accept that you will make certain mistakes, and that’s Okay. And your aim should always be learning and on the process and less on perfection.

What should ideally be the first Cricut project for a beginner?

Ideally, Card making is the first project new users should try with their Cricut machines. It is because you can make your cards for any situation. You can use your machine to cut the design on your cardstock and remove all the extra materials. Now; you will have your first Cricut project.

Do you need a computer to work with Cricut machine?

No, you don’t need a computer to work with Maker. It is because you can use Cricut Maker with your Android or iPhone. But you can only do some things you want with a mobile. So, to use the machine’s full potential, connecting it to the computer is a must.


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