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Learn about the best DMARC solutions for businesses. Check out their features like phishing protection, enhanced security, and brand reputation protection.

The DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) protocol is used to validate emails sent and received by your email domains. DMARC provides two important security functions to organizations. For starters, it enables organizations to better monitor their email channels. Organizations can see which emails are being sent and received, as well as the reputation of these emails. Second, organizations can block malicious emails from being sent through their domains, protecting their clients and customers from phishing attacks and spoofed domain messages.

What are DMARC Solutions?

Businesses can use a variety of DMARC solutions to improve the security of their emails. These tools assist organizations in enabling and configuring DMARC protocols, presenting digestible DMARC reports that provide visibility into email channels, and in establishing DMARC policies that prevent malicious emails from being sent from their domains. In this article, we will go over the best DMARC email security solutions for businesses. We'll go over their key features, what users think of them, and which organizations they're best suited for. Let's get started!

The Top DMARC Solutions Include:

  1. DMARC Analyzer
  2. Barracuda
  3. Agari
  4. EmailAuth
  5. Dmarcian
  6. DMARC Analyzer

DMARC Analyzer gives organizations greater visibility and governance across email channels, allowing them to stop email attacks and protect their brands from abuse. DMARC Analyzer is delivered as a SaaS, making it easier for organizations to manage complex DMARC deployments and better monitor and govern DMARC insights.

DMARC Analyzer offers a variety of features and reports to assist organizations in managing email and preventing security risks. Aggregate DMARC reports, automated alerts and reporting, automatic subdomain discovery, and a DNS timeline are all included. These features make it much easier for organizations to implement and reap the benefits of DMARC. DMARC analyzer also includes a comprehensive knowledge base and a support team to assist organizations in managing DMARC more effectively.

  1. Barracuda

Barracuda Sentinel is a cutting-edge email security service that protects email platforms from fraud and phishing attacks. Sentinel protects against post-delivery attacks and is located within the email inbox rather than at the email perimeter. Sentinel is used to safeguard organizations against sophisticated email attacks such as spear-phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover. It also offers automated DMARC reporting, including aggregation and visualization.

  1. Agari 

Agari offers a variety of cloud email security solutions designed to protect businesses from sophisticated email threats, provide rapid detection and response, and prevent brand abuse. Agari Phishing Defense operates within the email inbox and employs machine learning technologies to prevent spear phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover. Agari Brand Protection guards against malicious email spoofing for your customers and partners. To protect your brand and improve digital engagement, automate DMARC email authentication and enforcement.

  1. EmailAuth 

EmailAuth Suite is one of the world's best platforms for Email Authentication and has been serving customers since the introduction of DMARC in 2012. EmailAuth has been termed the “Simplest” dashboard by Security Professionals and is also vastly appreciated by other industry experts. Our ability to convert complicated DMARC reports into plain English is what makes us one of the leading providers globally.

EmailAuth offers its clients one of the most unique benefits available in the DMARC implementation app market. We offer on-premise deployment, which means you get to have an in-house team working alongside you on your DMARC implementation and everything in between. This means, all your data will remain totally within your closed IT network. 

Further, you can define your team access protocol as and how you want to. On-premise with EmailAuth gives you complete data safety. This is one of the many reasons why EmailAuth is a top pick for companies that want to take their email security to the next level from the comfort of their workspace. Don’t think twice – get EmailAuth now and let us give you the on-site dedicated team of experts you need to completely secure your email domain server.

Key Takeaways

  • EmailAuth offers DMARC installation with on-site and in-country cloud hosting options on a SaaS subscription basis. 
  • It is the only DMARC implementation app with dedicated Managed Services Provider (MSP) options.
  • The app also offers easy migration through RUA reports for hassle-free onboarding and orientation.
  1. Dmarcian

Dmarcian aids in the protection of domains against email impersonation and phishing attacks. They provide a DMARC SaaS platform that processes DMARC data to provide more visibility into authentication gaps and malicious actors impersonating your domains. Their platform visualizes DMARC data, allowing you to identify authentication gaps and unauthorized domain uses quickly.



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