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We all know that diamonds are the most beloved gemstone in the world. At first glance, they may appear as simply small, shiny pieces of glass, but in reality, they possess much more depth and value. Their transparency, brilliance, and ability to enhance jewellery make them a beloved gemstone among many.

However, many people are aware that only natural diamond prices are high, but not everyone knows the reasons behind their high cost. While there may be a group of people who are not aware of the reasons behind the high cost of natural diamonds, this blog post aims to shed light on some fascinating facts about diamonds, making it a valuable read for both those who are familiar with diamonds and those who are not.

Diamonds are not Rare

Yes, you read it right! While diamonds are not rare in terms of their abundance on Earth, they are considered rare in terms of their gem quality. Gem-quality diamonds are relatively scarce, and it takes a lot of mining to find one. Additionally, not all mined diamonds are suitable for use as gemstones. Many are used for industrial purposes, and the process of diamond cutting and polishing can also affect their quality and value. Therefore, while diamonds may not be rare in terms of their occurrence on Earth, high-quality, best diamond quality is considered rare and valuable.

Diamonds are not always colourless

It is utterly true. Diamonds come in a variety of colours, including yellow, pink, blue, green, brown, and black. These coloured diamonds are known as “fancy” diamonds and are rare and highly sought after. The colour of a diamond is determined by the presence of impurities or structural defects within the crystal. For example, yellow diamonds have traces of nitrogen, while blue diamonds have trace amounts of boron. The most valuable fancy diamonds are those with strong, saturated colour and high clarity.

Symbol of love and commitment

Diamonds have been used as a symbol of love and commitment for centuries. The tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring dates back to the 15th century when it was believed that the diamond's brilliance and durability symbolized the strength and longevity of the love between the couple. This tradition has been passed down through generations and is still a popular choice for engagement rings today. Diamonds are also often used in other types of jewellery, such as wedding bands, eternity rings, and anniversary gifts, to symbolize the love and commitment between partners. If you are looking to buy diamonds from the best diamond exporter in India then click here.

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Use for Industrial & Medical Purposes

Diamonds are not only used for jewellery, but also for a variety of industrial and medical purposes. In industry, diamonds are used as cutting tools due to their exceptional hardness. Diamond-coated saw blades and drill bits are used for cutting and drilling various materials such as glass, ceramics, and metals.

In medicine, because of their biocompatibility and hardness, synthetic diamond particles are used in dental drills and surgical instruments, and diamond-coated plastic tubes are used in various procedures. Diamonds are also used in the production of medical equipment such as X-ray machines, and the development of medical technologies such as drug delivery systems. Diamonds can also be used as heat sinks in electronic devices and as a substrate for semiconductors. Truly, diamonds are always left awestruck by their facts.

Most Diamonds Mines

Before the 18th century, the majority of the world's diamond mines were located in India. These mines were active for over 2,500 years and were the primary source of diamonds for trade and commerce in the region. The diamond manufacturing company in India were known for their best diamond quality and were highly valued by rulers and merchants alike. The diamonds were used in jewellery and were also used as currency. The discovery of diamond deposits in Brazil in the 18th century and in South Africa in the 19th century led to a decline in the importance of Indian diamond mines and a shift in the global diamond trade. However, even today the best diamond exporter in India is ruling over the global diamond market by proving natural loose diamonds and leading as wholesale loose diamonds online suppliers all over the world.

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