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Top 5 Google Analytics Hacks You Should Know Today

If you are a digital marketer or work for digital marketing analytics then you would agree that Google Analytics is the most robust free analytics platform available today. As like most of the company’s banks on Google Analytics for their digital analytics, digital marketing courses in Bangalore trains students on Google Analytics.

Fun Fact — It is estimated that anywhere from 25 to 40 million websites use Google Analytics over other analytical tools. Google Analytics is the leader in its space.

This tool has a great glance-view only on reports. But besides the insights it gives on the surface level, there is something more interesting about it. That is, beyond its polished dashboard and high-level stats, many of the marketers aren’t digging deep into it. Well, you should know, there is really some good stuff you get to know when you start digging every report well.

So today let’s know about the top 5 Google Analytics hacks that Should Know as a Marketer:

A digital marketing training institute in Bangalore will train you in all these practices. But if in case you are an independent learner, you can just read this.

Use the power of customization. To customize your dashboard –

Did you know, you can have up to 20 dashboards per GA account?

Dashboards allow you to get hyper-focused on the metrics that count.

Here is how to do it — Click “Customization” on the left navigation>“Dashboard”> and the “Create.”

Utilize all the given features –

Do you know how many features are there in Google Analytics? This analytical tool is an ocean of features. And we can bet you aren’t using even 50% of it properly.

  • Traffic reporting.

  • Conversion tracking.

  • Keyword referrals.

  • Third-party referrals.

  • Custom dashboards.

Under each of these features again so much to do.

Utilize some awesome tools with Google Analytics –

Do you know about Google Search Console (also Google Webmaster Tools)?

There are few potential tools that you can connect with Google Analytics, and among those Google Search Console is one of the best.

Integrating the two can give you access to the SEO data and filters. It’s a great way to uncover new ways to boost your website traffic, understand search query impressions, and creates long-tail keywords combinations and much more.

Understand what your visitors are looking for –

If you can track the events well then you will get to see what your visitors are up to.

In Google Analytics, an event is an action, like a click, call, or download.

Websites that serve different purposes, there it’s very important to understand the audience's behaviors.

How to track events — You can do it with a tracking code — The form goes like this: ga(‘send’, ‘event’, [eventCategory], [eventAction], [eventLable], [eventValue], [field0object]);

Last one but not the least — Goals –

It is a very common question of people using Google Analytics that — How to create a custom goal?

Click Admin > Go to goals > Now click on NEW GOAL.

After the template to set up the goal, let Google Analytics know what you are looking for like revenue, acquisition, inquiry, and engagement and it’s done.

If you are still not finding what you’re looking for just start with a custom goal, and customize it.

Analytics is very vast, an eager person can always learn from the masters in Digital Marketing Courses.

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