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PP woven fabric by offering an array of advantages to the packaging industry has replaced all the traditional options available for packaging, such as jute, plastic, paper, etc. The popular packaging material is made from woven fabric, like woven sacks, wraps, bags, etc. Bopp bags, laminated bags are also its outcome. 

Do you know what has made woven fabric well-liked and acceptable by all? It is the characteristics that PP fabric holds. Let's dive deep to know each of them in detail.

  • It Is Extensively Light In Weight– The weight of packaging material matters a lot in the packaging industry because it is part of it and adds weight to an article. Higher the weight of a package more would be the charge for its transportation, storage and upkeep. 

The first appealing quality of pp woven fabrics is their lightweight. It does not add much load to the overall weight of an article.

The density of polypropylene braid is 0.9 to 0.91 g/cm3. This makes it lighter than water. The products made from PP fabric have a similar density. Woven bags, sacks, wrap do not add much weight to the overall weight of the package. 

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  • Higher Breaking Point– It is lightweight, however, that does not make it weak. On the adverse, it is one of the most robust fabrics. It has a higher breaking point than all other alternatives available. This characteristic of woven fabric makes woven bags made from it strong enough to hold any amount of weight. 

The weaving of fabric also gives it some flexibility and stretch, which improves its break resistance.

It is a must-have property for crop bags, cement bags, animal feed bags, fertilizer bags, PP woven bags 50KG plain

  • High Resistance to Chemical Corrosion– The storage bags/packaging bags get exposed to the chemical at different stages of packaging and storage. It is a common practice observed to keep pests, bacterial and mold growth at bay. 

The high resistance of pp fabric against chemicals makes fumigation work easier for people. The PP fabric does not absorb chemicals, which keeps the food packed inside safe and consumable. The same is with other articles that might react with chemicals, but woven fabric acts as a shield in this case. 

  • It Has An Excellent Abrasion Resistance– The abrasion resistance of the woven fabric is the minimum which makes it a suitable material for transportation. The packaging bags are transported, and therefore, they must have a good abrasion resistance.

The friction coefficient between PP woven bags is 0.12. It makes it a safe material to pack all kinds of stuff, including food.

High abrasion resistance is important for a packaging material because it has to bear lots of pressure in the cycle of packaging, transportation, and unpacking. 

  • It Has High ResistanceTo Moisture -Another important feature that a packaging bag calls for is high moisture resistance. The woven fabric has low moisture absorbing potential. It does not absorb and hold moisture, which means even it gets wet, it will dry quickly. The water absorption rate of pp fabric within 24 hours is less than 0.01.

The high resistance to moisture makes it a befitting material for packing stuff that is sensitive to moisture, such as sugar, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. 

The pp woven fabric manufacturers have enhanced its moisture resistance by adding lamination. 

It has further enhanced its strength and resistance. 

Besides that, PP fabric is an environment-friendly material. PP fabric not treated with UV protection cannot stand against natural sunlight. It begins to dispose of after coming in contact with the natural light. So, even if woven bags are mishandled, they won't harm the environment like plastic and other similar packaging materials does. Therefore, pp woven bags manufacturer treat the fabric with UV protection for a set period of time to increase its life in the open. 

Furthermore, woven fabric is a recyclable material. It is recycled to make fabric again or used to make other useful stuff.



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