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A registered massage therapist should be a key part of your healthcare team as a whole. Massage therapy helps build up your immune system, improves circulation, and can be an important part of recovery from soft tissue injury. As well as reducing stress hormones, anxiety and depression, massage can also help to manage the pain and symptoms of various chronic diseases. You will have the joints and muscles to add massage therapy to your regular personal care routine.

You can rest assured that your body will be happy that you have visited a registered massage therapist in Calgary if you are on the fence at all. The advantages of massage far outweigh any discomfort with pain, sleepiness, or tender muscles that you may experience. Massage therapists are trained professionals and during your appointment, you always have the opportunity to determine how much or how little clothing you wear. To adjust their pressure or to avoid certain areas, you can also ask your registered massage therapist. You have complete control over the massage and how it goes, so there is little reason to avoid taking advantage of this valuable option for treatment.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should visit a registered massage therapist in Calgary:

  1. Improve immune function – Massage helps to release toxins built up, promotes lymphatic drainage and decreases the system's stress hormones. All of these variables contribute to improved immune function and help you stay healthy and, when they occur, fight off viruses and infections.
  1. Relaxation – There are some forms of massage that are deeper than others. When your nervous system realizes it can rest and rejuvenate, a lighter massage technique can promote immediate relaxation. You will notice more of the relaxation advantages after the massage for deeper tissue therapeutic massage. Once again, the release of tension and toxins helps the body relax, both in the nervous system, but also around the muscles and other stress-related areas.
  1. Increase Joint Mobility – You enable joints to move more freely by promoting relaxation in tense muscles. The increased flow of blood from a massage also gets the joints fully engaged and better moving. Flexibility from massage is also increased, so with regular massage therapy, your joints will certainly be happy.
  1. Reduce anxiety & depression – Positive neuropathies are created by human touch. Massage also promotes the release of beneficial hormones, such as dopamine, which help fight depression and anxiety symptoms. A registered massage therapist massage can encourage relaxation in order to calm the nervous system and create positive flows to decrease depression.
  1. Injury Recovery – A registered massage therapist can help you to get the muscles and joints back on track if you have a soft tissue injury, and can encourage faster healing.

 It can make a big difference in how you feel and how your body systems function by getting periodic massages from a registered massage therapist. Be sure to select an amazing massage therapist and you'll be very pleased you've done it.


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