Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Enrol in APAI in Mumbai

The Indian hospitality industry has emerged as one of the critical drivers of growth among the services sector in India. The food industry of India is the second largest food producer in the world, because of which the industry has emerged as a highly growing and profitable sector due to this immense potential and rise in the demand for professionals in the food industry. The industry has an increasing demand for trained professionals, due to which many people are taking cooking as a career option.

Because of this rising demand for trained professionals, many institutes are coming up with various culinary courses. Academy of Pastry Arts is one of the best institutes in India that offers both full-time and part-time courses specializing in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts. Academy of Pastry Arts is renowned for its cutting edge technology with which they teach the art, science and technique of cooking.

The Institute equips its students with all necessary skill which are required to excel in the food industry. The Institute has more than 20 chefs spread across the three centres in India, i.e., Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Adding to this is the visiting faculty, which include MOF'S and world champions who conduct specialized classes for professionals.

Here are five reasons why to choose the Academy of Pastry Arts.

1. Small class sizes

Unlike some other schools, APAI purposely limits their enrollment to keep the class sizes small. Both the culinary arts and pastry arts classes are capped at 14 students. The ratio of 1:14 chef vs students allows the instructors to give personalized attention and one-on-one support throughout the course – which is something difficult to find in more crowded classrooms.

2. Curricula

The purpose of a culinary school is to provide you with supervised hands-on experience – and APAI programs aim to do just that. By balancing lecture and instruction with theoretical and practical application in the kitchen, the Academy of Pastry Arts provides with an intensive and well-rounded education curriculum. In the culinary program, you can learn everything from introductory menu planning to advanced international cuisines. And pastry program, you can learn to create bread, biscuits and pastries as well as unique, creative confections.

3. Flexibility

Both the programs have been divided into different modules that rotate around the duration of the program. This division of subjects encourages a faster pace of learning that helps you in entering the market. For students who are interested in brushing up on the basics or focusing on specific topics of interest, APAI offers part-time or diploma courses. So whatever the goals are, the Academy of Pastry Arts can help you to meet them.

4. Affordability

Getting an education at a culinary school does not need a hefty investment. APAI offers affordable tuition rates. With fees that are inclusive of all applicable taxes, ingredients, uniforms and tools. Because APAI makes culinary education accessible.

5. Career guidance

Academy of Pastry Arts goal is to get you a job upon completion of the program. That's why they offer job placement assistance to all of their students at no additional cost. They help you to build your resumes, prepare you for interviews, and help you to track down job opportunities. The programs provide you with the skills and techniques that are required to stand out in a competitive job market.

The Institute has proven track record of students placed in leading star hotels and bakeries including Taj, Marriott, Hyatt, ITC, Oberoi, Novotel, and bakeries like La Folie in Mumbai, Bombaykery, Theos, Theobroma in Delhi, etc.

If you're looking for professional cooking classes in Mumbai, then Academy of Pastry Arts in Mumbai is your best bet, whose mission is to provide culinary education at an affordable price. If you're ready to jump into the fast evolving food industry, then enrol yourself today and get your certificate in cooking courses in Mumbai.


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