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Emulators are great and very valuable for gamers because they allow them to play favorite games on mobile. However, you can also play some old classic games on your Android devices, such as Super Mario World, Crono Trigger, Legend of Zelda, and many others. You just need a decent SNES emulator; here are the top 5 ones you can choose from.


ClassicBoy is an old but very popular all-in-one emulator. This one supports SNES, PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Advance, and a few others. The SNES support is great, and the emulator works fantastically. You can use it for free or buy the paid version that’s available for $3.99.


John NESS is a pretty decent SNES and NES emulator that works fantastically for both the systems. John NESS provides you with various features, including support for cheat codes, save states, high compatibility, turbo buttons, good rendering quality, customizable digital controls, fast forward and slow down support, cloud storage support, and support for hardware controllers. It is a great emulator you can install and use for free, but the free version contains ads. However, you can remove ads from the John NESS app by making a payment of $4.49.


RetroArch is a fantastic all-in-one emulator with support for a wide range of systems, including SNES. There are some issues with the app, so I would suggest you read its wiki to find some troubleshooting tips. However, it boasts a high compatibility rate, on-screen controls, and support for tons of systems. It works nicely and is open source. You can use it entirely for free, and it doesn’t even contain ads.

Snes9x EX+

Snes9x EX+ is one of the best emulators. This one is open source and provides you with many basic features, including on-screen controls, save and load states, support for gamepads, and support for zip, sfc, smc files. It works nicely with most devices. You can use it for free, and it doesn’t even contain in-app purchases.


SuperRetro16 is another very popular SNES emulator. The emulator supports multiple types of controllers, cloud storage support, load and save states, fast forward support, and many more things. It even includes some visual enhancements that make the games look a bit better. Well, this emulator was removed in 2019 from the Google Play Store due to some sort of reason, but now it’s back. However, it works fantastically and available entirely for free. You should try this one.

So, these are all the SNES emulators that we recommend you to use on your Android device. Give them a try. I hope you liked the article. Thank you for reading it. Have a great day!

Source :- https://mcafee-comactivate.n6setup.co.uk/top-5-snes-emulators-for-android/

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