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Top 5 Tools Every Professional Should Have For Solar Installation Projects.

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The most exciting part of working in the solar energy sector in modern times is how speedily technology is developing. Innovation and analysis have truly helped this field to thrive in recent years as the efficiency of solar PV is boosting at the same time, pricing has also decreased compared to the last 10 years. Luckily for major solar installers, most tools have remained constant when the technology might be evolving. Let’s browse through the top 5 tools that every solar crew needs. 

Solar Panel Hanger

The latest introduction to the solar sunshine coast sector, the solar panel hanger, is a creative invention that provides an effortless solution to hold and locate the panels on a rail. The hanger is placed on the track and allows a solar panel to be safely and effectively placed on the square to the rail for an effortless installation. With this hanger, solar installers will remove the need to operate a 50-pound cell while removing the risk of the panel falling off a steep roof. 

 Battery Operated Drill

A battery-operated drill might sound simple, but you might don’t know the number of companies that still use corded drills on the site. A strong and effective battery-operated drill is essential for any solar worker. A drill can be your best friend, from installing railings to securing transmission lines. 

PV Tester

The off grid solar system needed quality testers for a long time and some fantastic options in the market. You can easily find the perfect PV tester if you can locate your solar field crews with a tester that can perfectly check the power quality transferred by the cells. Some fancier options in the market for in-field reports and remote measurements to provide updated information. 

Cable and Connector Tools

Naturally, the solar industry requires electrician tools, and one of the mandatory tools is good old crimpling pliers. These classic pliers will allow a worker to re-work and install electrical lines without th extension of electrocution. If you are looking to purchase a pair of pliers, solar-specific sets will set you up for success, and that too a long-term. 

Fall Protection

Fall protection gear is very important if your solar team is working on heights. Fall protection gear includes a harness, ropes, and helmet to ensure everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, for many start-ups, the importance of fall protection isn’t yet established in their young minds, leading to big tragedies. It doesn’t matter how well experienced you are, humans do make mistakes, and when the mistake takes place on the roof, it can cost you a life if you are not well-equipped with the gear. 

BONUS- Mobile Apps Designed for Them

Missed steps or human errors can create delays, and it can be frustrating for you, your team members, and your customers in the process. When best practices and processes are in people’s heads, especially techs who are less experienced are more prone to miss important installation steps. 

By regulating and automating these steps in building a mobile app and customizing solar field teams. With this, you can have a guarantee that your next installation will follow your company’s procedure correctly, be it an entry-level or experienced technician. 


Solar electricity is clean, renewable energy, significantly decreasing extra-reliance on natural gas, coal, and oil for electricity production. This is because it is environmentally friendly and has proven helpful in multiple households to decrease their utility bills. 

Although, the initial investment can be quite costly for some homeowners. But its multiple benefits outweigh the pressure of paying costly electricity bills every month. One of the best ways to lower the cost of the entire installation process is by installing the solar panels yourself.

So instead of hiring a professional to install the panels, why don’t you do it yourself? With the above tools, you can have your solar panels working in no time. 

We at AHLEC provide on-grid and off-grid solar system packages. Feel free to contact us for any queries related to solar panels and their installation. 

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