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Top 5 trends in patient engagement solutions in 2022

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The healthcare industry is huge, and it involves different components and personnel. Patients are the focus of healthcare centers, and organizations strive to improve patient engagement. Patient engagement platforms comprise a set of patient-focused channels that help improve patient-provider communication, patient health outcomes, care quality, and save costs. Patient engagement is based on a strong relationship between healthcare providers and patients. It consists of a strategy where patients have a voice in their treatment, patients actively participate and have a say in care decision-making. Patient engagement solutions benefit patients and healthcare organizations alike. 


5 patient engagement trends for 2022

Patient engagement software solutions enable healthcare institutions to achieve better patient satisfaction and increase ROI generation. These aspects of patient engagement will be trending in 2022:


  1. Patient acquisition and retention will gain importance

Patient retention and patient-provider communication impact lifetime value. For instance, new patients with no recent visits are less likely to revisit the healthcare organization. In contrast, patients who regularly seek care at a clinic will be active consumers. In 2022, Patient engagement solutions will emphasize acquisition retention and redefine patient-provider interaction.


  1. Patient-provider communication will become personalized

In the age of digital health and social media, patients prefer a quick response from healthcare facilities. Additionally, patients also seek a communication style that feels customized with a personal touch. This would make customers feel important, valued, and appreciated, and it would foster better relationships with patients. Providers can utilize digital technologies to personalize the care experience for patients through portals, messages, and reminders. These simple steps would go a long way in improving patient engagement.


  1. Patient engagement solutions would offer different communication channels

Patient engagement platforms need to establish open and effective communication with patients. 2022 will witness more such forms of direct communication between patients and providers. Healthcare institutions will be seen sending emails, notifications, reminders, and voice calls a few hours before appointments. This would help providers become actively involved in patients’ health schedules.


  1. Predictive analytics will be utilized for improving patient health outcomes

Medical organizations would focus on implementing data management and health analytics to identify potential risks. Patient engagement Solutions can lead to better health management, which providers can track using predictive analytics. Data analysis can predict the clinical need of patients and achieve improved outcomes through communication and enhanced care delivery. These will also trigger population health management and manage health threats early on. Providers can make the most of health models and predictive analytics to better understand the communities.


  1. Healthcare networks will develop holistic patient profiles

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations will rethink how they view patients, and building a holistic profile would help achieve this. It would provide a 360-view of patients, enabling healthcare organizations to understand patients better. Healthcare networks would be more aware of when patients would need care and how they can improve patient satisfaction. A holistic view of patients would support addressing health risks and broader challenges. 



Patient engagement is a goal that every healthcare provider wants to achieve. These trends indicate what will be booming in terms of patient management system. Hospitals and health networks can focus on improving health outcomes by integrating the upcoming trends in 2022.












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