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The pandemic had a significant impact on companies wherein everyone was trying to figure out how to cater to customer requirements without any disruption, how to best optimize costs, how to ensure employee safety, and so on. With shipments getting stuck worldwide and the rising unpredictability of consumer demand, several top logistics companies had many dark clouds of doubt over their heads. This led to the much needed digital approach and transformation for the industry as a whole. Here are some trends to look out for in 2022 with some of the top logistics companies in India.

Transportation Management Solution or TMS

A Transportation Management Solution helps in automating and streamlining the procurement and booking process, as well as combining all freight movement information in one location. This allows you to plan and implement logistics management in the most economical way possible. The technology further enables you to turn data into meaningful information that is critical for making sound decisions and increasing the quality and efficiency of the overall logistics. Above all, you can easily link it with your ERP system.

SaaS Tech

Cloud computing enables transporters to make better use of their resources by allowing them to communicate and exchange inventories and connections. It's critical to explore new and upcoming software that motivates your transporters as you strive to become more visible in the industry. In India, transport is still largely a fragmented industry, and often, you will notice that vehicle fleets sit unused or come back empty after a transportation run. Therefore, proper use of cloud computing will help lower shipping costs, lessen cancellations, and keep haggling with customers at bay.

Internet of Things or IoT

IoT has been the buzzword for quite some time now. With the help of IoT gadgets like GPS and RFID, you will be able to track the transportation of goods efficiently. This solution will provide you with real-time carrier location data and allow you to be more strategic and in charge of the problem. Real-time data will help you anticipate delivery times more accurately, prepare for delays, keep your customers up to date, prevent idle transport time, etc. All of these will assist you in providing consistent client service through complete transparency.


This technology will enable logistics companies to form shared networks without jeopardising data integrity. This is particularly relevant in the case of India, given the multi-faceted nature of the logistics and transport industry and the lack of standard channels for the exchange of information.

AI or Artificial Intelligence

Complex mechanisms, diverse data points, various stakeholders, etc., are all present in the logistics business – this results in a deluge of data from all sources. You can aggregate all of this information, create a comprehensive record, and quickly give meaning to them this information repository by using AI to achieve big data analytics. This will ensure that your approach is time-efficient and data-driven.

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