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Top 5G Smartphone Plans in the U.S. for 2022

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Now, most of the population in the U.S has 5G coverage from at least one carrier, so it is time to plan about getting one of the top 5G Smartphone plans with your latest cell phone. T-Mobile has a control lead-in coverage, with AT&T and Verizon struggling to escape the start line with C-brand deployment, so for now, it is the best network to check out 5G. However, all carriers have a few levels of 5G coverage and, some in other areas may even appear ahead of T-Mobile. Overall, the great plan for 5G is T-Mobile’s Magenta plan with unlimited premium data, great family savings, and Netflix.

Best Overall: T-Mobile Magenta

T-Mobile provides 5G on all its plans, so if you are aware and want to improve to a 5G capable device, you can get connected with no inconvenience. Moreover, T-Mobile’s 5G network not only has great coverage, but it operates of mid-band spectrum covers more than 200 million people, and it is still expanding. With that in mind, the Magenta plan is one of the top and most valuable on T-Mobile as credit goes to its unlimited data at 100GB, and Netflix added.

This plan only adds 5GB of LTE hotspot, so it can benefit from moving to the Magenta Max plan for $15 more if you work a lot of data on your devices. In addition, you can scroll down to the necessary plan if you only need the basics. This executes T-Mobile one of the simplest ways to check out 5G without going for the costliest plan. You can get your 3rd line for free if you carry your family.


  • Unlimited 3G speed hotspot
  • 5GB in Canada and Mexico
  • Low-band, mid-band, mmWave on one network
  • Netflix included is with multiple lines
  • All plans get 5G


  • SD streaming
  • Only 5GB of high-speed hotspot data

Best Value for Streamers: Visible

Visible is a prepaid carrier working completely on Verizon’s digital network. This measure that Visible only uses 5G or LTE and will have no access to the older 3G and analog towers. Even now, for most people, the Verizon LTE network provides outstanding speed, coverage, and the adding of 5G only sweetens the offer. Besides, this is the full Version 5G network, such as mmWave Ultra-Wideband, though your download speeds will be rounded off under 200Mbps. This is quick enough for anything you need to do on your cell phone and shouldn’t deal with most people.

Honestly, Visible’s plan is unlimited, with no secret data caps decreasing your speed. Visible traffic is a lower preference than Verizon traffic, so you may observe your speeds fall if you are in a busy place. Still, generally, the experience will be similar as we found in our reviewer. If you use more than 50GB of data in a month, your preference may be more decrease, though if there is enough ability, you will not beat a hard speed cap. Consider that Visible leads fewer cell phone models than T-Mobile, with only a couple working with 5G. Nevertheless, this adds the most famous 5G devices such as the Galaxy S20/S21 series, iPhone 12 and 13, and 5G Pixel phones.


  • Unlimited data, texts, and calls
  • No secret data cap
  • Unlimited 5Mbps hotspot
  • Party Pay savings


  • No 3G support
  • Video streams at 480p
  • Only a couple of supported 5G phones

Best value: Mint Mobile 4GB

Mint Mobile has bigger plans than its entry-level 4GB plan, along with an eternal plan, but most people don’t need that much data. Similarly, if you want to find more data than you must sign up for with Mint, you can improve mid-cycle to the 10GB, 15GB, or unlimited plan. This is amazing because you need to get at least 3 months of service upfront. Mint Mobile is accessible in 3 months, 6 months, and 12-month terms with amazing savings when you get the whole year. The 4GB plan concludes at just $15 per month for 12 months.

Mint Mobile makes use of T-Mobile’s network, such as 5G, so for the best outcome, you should have to get your hands on the 5G Smartphone that carries both band 41 and band 71. You can check out your first 3 months at a discounted price, so you don’t have to invest in the full year at first.


  • Data can be used as a hotspot
  • Easily upgrade to a huge data pack
  • Most unlocked 5G cell phones will work
  • Save by buying more months


  • No multi-line savings
  • Must buy at least 3 months

Best international: Google Fi Flexible

If you have any cell phone that uses T-Mobile’s 5G network, you can take it connected with Google Fi. Google Fi’s major flexible plan comes with unlimited texts and calls in the U.S. for $20 per month. Data comes in at $10 per gigabyte, but Google Fi ends up charging you at 6GB of usage. Hence, your data is unlimited, but it is greatly slowed down at $15GB. Moreover, if you use Wi-Fi points, this is sufficient for most people.

Google Fi comes with hotspot ability, which divides your data. One of Google Fi’s most impressive features is data roaming at the same price in over 200 countries worldwide. This executes Google Fi is the best option for constant travelers. Also, Google Fi has a reasonable option without international roaming.


  • Same cost for international data
  • Bill protection at 6GB
  • Hotspot included
  • Only pay for what your use


  • Not all 5G phones get the full Fi network
  • Apple iPhones still don’t work with 5G
  • Data throttled at 15GB

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