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Top 6 New Construction Home Buying Tips

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Whether you are looking for a pre-owned home or new build homes Auckland, you have the option to customize the space completely to your lifestyle. This is the best way to get everything you visualize for your dream home is to buy a new build homes Auckland and get exactly what you are looking for. 

Buying new builds can be a stupendous decision, but with proper preparations and a dedicated attitude. To help you out during this process, we have compiled a list of tips that will help turn your dream into reality. If you have decided to take the plunge and build your own home, be ready to use these tips that will make the experience more enjoyable. 


Starting step of buying a new build home is putting together an outstanding team to set you on track. The real estate agent you choose should be able to educate you on what to ask a developer and they will also help you choose the right builder. This realtor will work to the best of your advantage, giving you tips on what questions to ask, recommendations on a reputable builder, and advice on how to utilize your budget. Will work together to complete a tailored plan as you navigate figuring out which specific property is right for you, setting goals, choosing amenities, etc.

The next member of your team will be the building company in charge of creating your dream home. Do your research, as not all companies are same. Some strictly work with vendors and you need to agree to use their sources on everything and others will offer a bit more flexibility, allowing you to pick and choose where your fixtures and features are coming from, which could allow you to save money on many affordable brands names.  


Picking out fixtures and kitchen appliances can be a blast. To prevent this from happening, keeping track of every purchase is essential because it makes it easier to stay on budget and prevent going over it. If you're only building one house budget, it might be best to prioritize big ticket items like appliances and save some money on cheaper extras like flooring.


When building a new home, it's sometimes essential to become a strong/determined negotiator. Your best strategy? Knowing how much every single part of your dream home will cost. With the help of agent, you can share your budget with your realtor, decide where you can save money and where you just won’t compromise. Good communication between an investor and their builder is important in order for one to be happy with the results, after all – it's their hard-earned money going into this deal!


The green movement has influenced the decision-making process of several consumers throughout the years. Many homeowners have opted to install more eco-friendly appliances in their homes as well as work with environmentally friendly vendors during the construction phase. High quality green appliances and utilities might not be the cheaper option initially but over time they’ll save you money. New construction homeowners increasingly choosing to install solar panels for their homes. This helps property owners save money and is an ecologically sustainable energy resource choice after all! 


The home-buying process is a lengthy one, and it’s important to understand just exactly what you’re covered for and how long until the warranty expires. Some third-party warranties only cover specific components, so builders will usually have separate certificates of assurance which indicate that they are using materials from other suppliers and manufacturers. You’ll want to ensure that your agreement and warranty notes are fully outlined on a contract with your builder.  

Buying a new construction home is the ideal option if you don’t want to worry about your plumbing, electrical, and general building work for some time. One of the best ways for you to secure your perfect forever home is by picking out fixtures and deciding on the designs that will create your perfect vision.

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