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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the usual operating practice and caused many industries to pivot in countless ways.  During the pandemic time, in-person events and meetings were negated or transferred to a virtual platform.  In some cases, need for promotional items was significantly reduced or removed or there was a cut in advertising budget. 

2022 is shaping up to be a new start for many of the industries.

With the settling of every day life, many openings have started to present themselves. For example, personal events have started returning, and diverse lifestyle changes are prompting the buying trends.


It's difficult to keep up with the newest trends. Especially when we talk about the promotional products. At one particular time, a product is in high demand, and the next time, it's old fashioned. 

So, what promotional products we should look forward to for 2022? After some studies, we have found that the most prevalent promotional products comes under the following drifting categories, in lieu of what we can expect this year. The most desirable items are a blend of stylish, efficient and advanced. 

1.    Online or Hybrid Event Giveaways

Virtual meetings and discussions are never going away and they are here to stay. Even as some meeting and networking events initiate to have in-person workings, the ease and influence virtual events offer will make them a feasible part of any shrewd marketing plan. The concern for these networking organisers is digging up a way to make their online event or cross event to stand out. Virtual event presents can help to be a link between to fill that gap.

By building up eagerness, creating brand representatives, and even driving online meetings, giveaways have been appreciated for making online events a feat. 


  1. Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Products


Even though the pandemic triggered a minor hitch in the universal fight against wastage, there will still be a vast trend towards maintainable products going forward.

There are now even more choices available with all types of products. The best part is it's good for the globe and the marketing for any industry.

Refillable coffee cups and drinkware are still going to be a top seller. However, there will also be a shift in the trend where plastic products to be swapped with sustainable and eco friendly resources such as bamboo, wood, rice shell or cardboard.


  1. PPE & Hygiene Products


This one for sure is going to be on the list. Even with the availability of vaccines, there will still be a requirement for these products in every networking events for some time. And customers are settled with habits like regularly using hand sanitiser that will linger on.

Branded and customised hand sanitiser, which was immensely popular in 2021, will still see call in 2022.

Facemasks also saw a increase in popularity towards the second half of 2021, with directives in place for some areas, demanding them to be worn when in public places. This may inspire more people in the forthcoming time to carry and wear face masks when they are not feeling well.


  1. Work from Home Products

The pandemic has helped brands ad companies see and understand the value of teleworking. Plenty of big companies are preparing for long-term distant work. So, the companies can make a cool kit packed with the products which can be used while working from home. Make sure they are appropriate and improve the competence and efficiency of the receivers. You can pick personalised calendars, notebooks, stands for stationery items, cases for pencil, mousepads, and coffee mugs. Blue light glasses for eye protection, comfortable neck pillows, and flash drives are some wonderful ideas. Whatever you add in your list, confirm they can lessen the pressure of the daily chore.

  1. Wireless Products

Connectivity is always on the trend. And as personal and work-life clang together, products which are wireless will be in more mandate than ever before. In addition, the distant office has fired the need for flexibility in workstations and a reduction in cord mess. 

Plus, as the world becomes inflexibly established in the digital space, the necessity for wireless products will endure to grow. Everything from the online meetings to our personal festivities – seems virtual these days. No one wants to be tied down to a vent while they're in the mid of a video call. 

  1.  Marketing Items According to the Generation

These marketing items uses demographic data about listeners to express in their conditions and benefits, so the brand surpasses the age factor.  

Remarkably, the modern survey found that Generation X ( those born between 1965-1980) owns the maximum promotional products out of all age group. They grew up with nominal adult direction and thus are winners of freedom and work-life balance.

Millennials comes second, when we talk about the usage of promotional products. This generation values more communal issues, visual esthetics, and revolution. They're resilient to old-style marketing and wish to be online. Social media is massive with Millennials because they look to their networks and groups to collect data before determining. 


Gen Zers are starting to enter the work life and will soon be the major working age group. Like Millennials, Z value businesses that take on public matters, and they want to support industries whose task aligns with their own morals. Additionally they are even more technically inclined than Millennials and hunt for the most front-line devices. 



When we talk about the workforce, millennials and Gen Z are rapidly becoming the leading age group. 

When investing in promotional products, businesses have an option to  think about products that appease to these different age groups. Considering their awareness and standards is a great place to start. 


Wrap Up

Try to follow these drifts rather than going against the drift. This will help businesses come up with their own new thoughts too. Then, they can change  promotion plans consequently and stay ahead of the struggle.



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