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The incubator is primarily an equipment which is used for creating a controlled working environment inside the lab where you will be able to regulate and control temperature, ventilation and internal humidity. The incubators are necessary to several experiments where you need to cultivate various types of microorganisms, biological samples and so on. They are also required for hatching eggs, taking care of infants and so on. In this article, you will learn about some effective ways to maintain your lab incubator.

Materials in a lab incubator:

The lab incubator is primarily made from three different types of materials. These materials are the basic stainless steel, sheet metal and carbon steel which will have thickness levels of about 0.5 and 1 cm. These materials are also used to create items like nuts, fans, motors and also screws, bolts. You will also have electronic materials which may have either analogue systems or digital ones along with microprocessors which would be able to provide temperature control to give internal lighting. The Shel Lab Incubators also have variable volume inside their chambers. There are countertop models which have ranges from 1.5 and 3 units of volume. There are a few models which have higher ranges of 5 to 10 units also.

Maintaining the Lab Incubator

The lab incubators are quite useful to identify different types of bacterial infections on the human body. Body fluid samples can be kept inside the lab incubator in a sterile environment and doctors can study pathogenic growth on them. Lab incubators are also used for inducing cell growth by nitrogen exposure. The controlled setting will help in allowing different microorganisms to survive and also multiply which allows the clinicians to study different forms of bacterial growth. This is why you will have to properly maintain your Laboratory Incubators. You should follow the methods mentioned below to safely maintain your lab incubator:

  • Sterility: You should always ensure that you have a sterile environment inside the incubator chamber. This is why you must always see to it that there are no chemical spills or contamination inside the incubator chamber. IF you spill any biological sample inside the chamber then you should take proper steps to immediately clean it off. You should also check and see that your incubator is not exposed to moisture because moisture can affect the growth of microorganisms. So, you must ensure that your incubator has a sterile environment both inside and outside the chamber.
  • Clean up: Ensure that lab workers clean the incubator after every session, they must see to it that there no biological samples left inside. You must also have weekly or at least monthly dusting of the incubator, dismantle the entire device and clean every component thoroughly. This will ensure that dust particles do not settle inside the incubator.
  • Customer care: You should always contain customer care for resolving problems and not try to mend anything by yourself.
  • Power supply: Check that your power supply does not have voltage
  • Nearby equipments: Do not have any device which gives off radiation nearby the incubator.
  • Optimum use: Do not overuse your machine more than its optimum time.


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